4 Tips for Designing your Own Hangar

25 June 2018   Hangar Space

Have you taken on the challenge of designing your own hangar? It can be surprisingly complex to plan and build such a seemingly simple building! Here are some tips from the team at Monmouth Executive Airport. Check requirements and restrictions: Hangar sites will have certain regulations governing how you can build on them that will […]

5 Unusual Jobs You Can Do with Your Pilot’s License

18 June 2018   Pilots


Everyone knows that with a pilot’s license you can start your career as a private or commercial pilot – but here are 5 more unusual jobs for those considering a more non-traditional career path, from the Monmouth Executive Airport flight school in NJ. Test pilot: If you have nerves of steel and want to be […]

We Answer 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Flight School

11 June 2018   Learn to Fly

Thinking of taking flying lessons? Here are some of the most frequent questions asked by students, from our flight school in NJ. What is a discovery flight? This is another term used for an introductory flight where an instructor takes you up in an aircraft, familiarizes you with the equipment and even lets you fly […]

Tips for Flying Your Aircraft in Summer

4 June 2018   Hangar Space

Monmouth Airport

Here are some summer safety tips for pilots from Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey. Perform ground leaning: Hot days mean ambient air is less dense and if your fuel system is set too rich, this can lead to your engine running rough, carbon building up on your sparkplugs and – as a result – reduced […]

The Best Summer Fly-In Destinations for Pilots Stretching Their Wings

21 May 2018   Pilots


One of the perks of being a pilot is flying in to some of the most interesting and scenic destinations in the world. Here are the top picks for this summer from the team at Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ. Key West (KEYW), Florida Keys: Nothing says “Summer” quite like Florida, so pack your swimsuit […]

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