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Travelling with your pet – Commercial vs. private airports

6 February 2017   Charter Flights

Honda's New Jet Takes To The Sky

For many of us, our pets are part of our family, and we want to bring them with us on vacation and share the excitement of travel with them. However, flying commercially with your pet is very different to using a private aircraft – here are some insights from Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey. […]

The 5 most challenging runways in the world

5 December 2016   Charter Flights

Monmouth Jetport Gateway to Monmouth Park.

Travelling by air is one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways to discover new and interesting places – and this often means that pilots can encounter some exceptionally challenging take offs and landings on your trip! Here are the five most challenging runways in the world, from Monmouth Executive Airport. Saba Airport: Located on […]

How to book a private jet

23 November 2015   Charter Flights

Charter jet rental has become increasingly popular over the last few years for corporate as well as leisure travellers. More affordable than first class tickets, more comfortable than commercial flights and more convenient for passengers who want to avoid traffic, schedules and queues, charter flights offer significant benefits over their commercial counterparts. Here are some […]

Five ideal destinations for your December holidays

26 October 2015   Charter Flights


With the festive season on the horizon, everyone is starting to make plans for the December holiday season. Whether you want to charter a private jet to a city in the USA or go abroad for Christmas and the New Year, here are the best places to visit in the last month of 2015: The […]

Your guide to empty leg charter flights – what you need to know!

If you’re looking to book a charter flight for business or pleasure, you’ve probably come across the term “empty leg flight” a few times – but what are these flights and how can you use them to your benefit? Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey explains: What is an “empty leg” charter flight?  Essentially, this […]

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