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5 reasons to consider Monmouth Jet Center as the home for your aircraft

25 April 2016   Hangar Space

If you’re an aircraft owner or charter flight operator, you know how important it is that the airport you’re based from is able to meet all your needs. Here’s why Monmouth Executive Airport is the ideal home for your airplane. 1. We have the longest private runway in the country: At 7,300 feet, our runway […]

The USA – Business aviation capital of the world

11 April 2016   Hangar Space

With reports showing that around 60% of all private jet traffic departing and arriving is in the USA, it’s no surprise that we are positioned as the top business aviation location on the globe. With exciting growth in the private flight and manufacturing industry, our team at Monmouth Executive Airport is confident that we’ll stay […]

Keep the weather off your aircraft and rent a hangar

21 March 2016   Hangar Space

New Jersey’s weather seems to becoming more severe, with snowy winters, heavy rains and thunderstorms along with hot, sunny summers – and that’s without mentioning the superstorms during hurricane season. For aircraft owners, this climate carries a wide range of risks when storing your airplane or jet outside. Repeated exposure to the elements accelerates wear-and-tear, […]

Tired of takeoff and landing delays? We have the answer.


With the demand for air travel higher than ever before and more people taking to the skies for business or leisure, airports are suffering from serious congestion – and that means significant takeoff and landing delays, especially in busy airspace. Fortunately, there is a solution. Monmouth Jet Center in New Jersey is outside of high-traffic […]

How to safely store your personal jet or airplane

15 February 2016   Hangar Space

Properly storing your aircraft is part of being a responsible owner – and this means evaluating your options to find out what works best for you. Monmouth Executive Airport takes a look at the pros and cons of different storage options. Tie-down or hangar?  The most common tie-down is a three-point tie-down that involves securely […]

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future