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Where is the Best Place to Learn to Fly in NJ in 2019?

7 January 2019   Learn to Fly

If your New Year’s Resolution is to learn to fly, the next step is to find a quality flight school – so, where is the best flight school in NJ? Fortunately, Monmouth Executive Airport offers one of the best flight schools in the area! Here are some reasons to choose us to help you on […]

Flight School in NJ: Is the Career of a Test Pilot Right for You?

17 December 2018   Learn to Fly

Being a test pilot is one of the most rewarding careers in the industry, and it’s not difficult to see why! Your job is to fly and evaluate new or modified aircraft, either for the Federal Aviation Authority or the military, often putting you at the forefront of aviation technology. So, how do you know […]

Flight School in NJ – A Guide to Aircraft Fuels

22 October 2018   Learn to Fly


Aviation fuel is a mix of petroleum fuel combined with chemical additives to ensure the engine runs smoothly and safely at high temperatures and in icy weather. Here is a quick guide to types of aviation fuel, from Monmouth Executive Airport. Jet fuel: This is a straw-colored combustible made of high-purity kerosene, a similar fuel […]

5 Reasons to Join Monmouth Executive Airport’s Young Aviators Club!

17 September 2018   Learn to Fly

Ignite a passion for learning: While you won’t need a college degree to learn to fly in NJ, being a pilot is all about learning. If your child has a passion for flying, joining our Young Aviator Club is a great way to get them interested in science, engineering and technology! Start the path to […]

Common Reasons Why Pilot’s DON’T Finish Flight School

6 August 2018   Learn to Fly

Learning to fly is a dream for many people, but some students worry that they won’t have the ability to meet the learning requirements or develop the skills they need to control an aircraft. The reality is that this usually isn’t a reason for students not to finish flight school! Almost anyone can learn to […]

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