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5 Unusual Jobs You Can Do with Your Pilot’s License

18 June 2018   Pilots


Everyone knows that with a pilot’s license you can start your career as a private or commercial pilot – but here are 5 more unusual jobs for those considering a more non-traditional career path, from the Monmouth Executive Airport flight school in NJ. Test pilot: If you have nerves of steel and want to be […]

The Best Summer Fly-In Destinations for Pilots Stretching Their Wings

21 May 2018   Pilots


One of the perks of being a pilot is flying in to some of the most interesting and scenic destinations in the world. Here are the top picks for this summer from the team at Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ. Key West (KEYW), Florida Keys: Nothing says “Summer” quite like Florida, so pack your swimsuit […]

Why you should learn to fly in 2017!

9 January 2017   Pilots Uncategorized

Boy wants to learn to fly

It’s the New Year, a time brimming with opportunities to change our lives. Whether you’re looking for a change of career and have always dreamed of flying or are an aircraft enthusiast looking to take the next step, learning to fly and becoming a pilot is an exciting and incredibly rewarding experience. Find out why […]

Commercial or private pilot flying lessons?

19 September 2016   Pilots

Boy wants to learn to fly

Have you decided that you’d like to learn to fly as a career? Congratulations and welcome to an exciting new chapter in your life! You’ll have some tough decisions to make, including whether you’d like to become a private charter pilot or a pilot for a large commercial airliner. Here are some of the pros […]

How to prepare for flight training school in NJ

27 June 2016   Pilots

Honda's New Jet Takes To The Sky

Planning ahead is an important part of any successful pilot’s career, so preparing for flight school is the perfect start. It will give you the edge you need to become a better pilot and give you the confidence that comes from knowing just what you are in for when you learn to fly. Here are […]

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