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A Hangar at Monmouth Airport is the Place for Your Next Video Shoot.

2 August 2022   Hangar Space
Come make your movie at Monmouth

Are you looking for the perfect location to shoot your next movie, commercial, music video, photo shoot? Does your next movie, commercial, music video, photo shoot require an Airport as its location?  Why not do it at Monmouth? An Airport or Aircraft hangar might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about the “ideal” location, but there are many reasons why it makes an excellent spot to environment to shoot your next project. 

60,000 Square Feet of Hangar Space with Electricity 

With 60,000 square feet and high ceilings, there’s plenty of space to bring your set to life. Rather than pay for several weeks or months in an expensive studio, Monmouth offers a great alternative with just as much if not more space. Our hangars are fully equipped throughout with electricity,  and are heated for the winter. You can trust that your equipment is safe and secure in your hangar with airport operations being available 24/7 

Almost Immediate Approval 

Have you ever had to join a waiting list for a studio? If so, then you know it can take months – sometimes longer – to secure filming space. When you submit your request to Monmouth you are dealing with one person, and it’ll be approved nearly right away. We don’t require you to jump through any hoops in order to grant your request. 

Close to NYC with Helicopter Access

Monmouth Executive Airport is a perfect central location for all major centers of commerce and entertainment on the east coast like NYC, Philadelphia or Atlantic City. We’re located just an hour’s drive away from New York City, or just a 20 minute helicopter ride. With helicopter access available at our airport it’s never been easier to fly people in and out. You won’t need to apply for any special permits or fill out any special paperwork in order to allow a helicopter to access your film shoot. 

Private Location

One of the best things about Monmouth Jet Center is that it is entirely private while still being very close to NYC. You won’t have to worry about prying eyes or lurkers on your film set, and you will have complete privacy for the duration of your shoot. Since Monmouth is a private location anyone you are flying in or out will also have full privacy.  There wont be any rumors flying around that so and so came in on their private jet this morning. You can trust that the location as well as the staff at Monmouth Jet Center respects your privacy. 

24 Hour Operations

Our airport is open 24 hours a day, which means we have teams on-site around the clock to assist you. If you’re on a tight deadline and find yourself needing to shoot late at night or into the early morning, rest assured that you will still be taken care of by our team. 

We invite you to come take a tour of our hangars and see the potential for yourself. They’re spacious, fitted with electricity, close to NYC, and fully serviced by on-site teams who are available 24 hours a day.

If you’d like more information about shooting at Monmouth, or if you have any questions, please contact our team at Monmouth Jet Center today. We look forward to hearing from you.

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future