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Avfuel FBO Monmouth Jet Center aims to be New York area ‘FBO’

7 May 2014   General


MARCH 17, 2014 / BUSINESS AVIATION NEWS / WALLS TOWNSHIP, NJ / Change has been in the air since the sale of Monmouth Executive Airport in late 2013, and the new ownership is embracing jet traffic with an enthusiasm not previously seen on the airport. “This airport has always had potential,” said KBLM spokesperson C.A. Southerland. “We’re finally maximizing that potential and turning Monmouth Executive Airport and Monmouth Jet Center into a true metro-New York destination for general aviation and corporate operators.”

Monmouth Executive Airport was built by the late Ed Brown near the end of World War II. Brown never sought federal funds or FAA designation as a reliever airport, preferring to operate what was then-known as Allaire Airport on his own terms. According to Richard Asper, chairman of the Aviation Professionals Group, the new owners (his clients) wasted no time establishing an open dialogue and cooperative relationship with authorities and agencies, resulting in the quick clearance of former regulatory and other obstacles: “This is a decidedly different type of operation, and all improvements will be handled correctly and carefully. KBLM’s designation as a true FAA reliever airport is fully justified,” Asper said.

The airport and FBO offer numerous advantages. It has two runways – one a lengthy 7,371 feet; 300 feet longer than the main runways at La Guardia – and plenty of available hangar space (both short-term and long-term). Monmouth Executive Airport’s location is just outside of New York City’s and Teterboro’s highly-congested Class B airspace, and downtown Manhattan is a short one hour and 15 minute drive.

The FBO features comfortable passenger and pilot lounge areas, a complete flight planning center and a large aircraft canopy. The airport was recently recertified for the night instrument approaches and is currently in the process of applying for Port-of-Entry recognition and US Customs. A non-federal control tower (NFCT) is likely to be installed this year. As an Avfuel-branded dealer, Monmouth Jet Center offers Avfuel Contract Fuel and AVTRIP Rewards, along with a variety of additional amenities.

The recent Super Bowl exposed the improved Monmouth Executive Airport and Monmouth Jet Center to a vast audience, as well as (successfully) tested the airport’s new snow removal equipment and modern aircraft de-icing capabilities. “It was thrilling to unveil all the improvements we’ve achieved in such a short time. The positive feedback we received from our guests is incredibly rewarding,” said Southerland. “I think we’re all inspired to keep moving forward in our goal of making Monmouth Executive the airport of choice in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area.”

For more information or to make reservations, contact Monmouth Jet Center at 732-751-0044 or email

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– Monmouth Jet Center: C.A. Southerland, 954-763-4848,

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future