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Avoid TSA hassles and fly from Monmouth Jetport in NJ

19 December 2016   Around the Airport

While travelling is usually an interesting and enjoyable experience, flying commercially almost certainly isn’t. Even with access to business and first class options, there’s still the inconvenience and struggle of getting though traffic, hauling baggage around a vast airport and, the worst part of all, dealing with the endless TSA (Transport Security Administration) hassles. Fortunately, Monmouth Executive Airport has the solution.

Since 9/11, TSA rules and regulations have become stricter, more comprehensive and more confounding than ever before. These measures include gathering your personal information (full name, date of birth and gender) to cross-check against watch lists, more thorough pat-downs, having to remove belts as well as shoes, and more restricted liquids and volumes of liquids in both stowed and carryon baggage. The result? Longer queues, more stress, difficulty managing your personal property through the search process, flight delays and the inconvenience of having your personal items thoroughly searched, rifled through and occasionally confiscated.

With so much inconvenience to so many people, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of pages of tips and advice for making commercial air travel easier – from getting to the airport even earlier to prepacking all your toiletries in the approved, individual transparent bottles and bags. But we have a better solution – private air travel.

Unlike commercial air travel, private airports and charter companies aren’t required to meet the same, strict TSA regulations. Private Airports instead focus on high standards of customer service for charter companies and their passengers, including comfortable waiting areas, FBO services and concierge services.

Your bags will be loaded onto the aircraft for you (so you can be sure they end up securely at the correct destination), and there are no full body scans, x-rays, security lines or having to remove any items of clothing or jewelry. Your pilot and staff will be there waiting to greet you, check identification and escort you to your aircraft. If you’re late, your plane waits for you. There are also no rushes through customs or other airports for connecting flights – your aircraft is yours for the duration of your trip. The only people on board other than the crew are you and your guests and, with prior arrangement, you can also bring your pets with you in the cabin. It’s convenient, comfortable and enjoyable – just how air travel should be.

World-class private facilities at Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey 

If you are considering flying out of New Jersey,Monmouth Executive Airport – just 20 minutes to Manhattan by helicopter – offers everything business and private travelers require. For private pilots, we offer high quality, competitively priced fuel rates, aircraft maintenance services and hangar space in New Jersey – available immediately. Through our world-class amenities and services, we offer private clients an exceptional flying experience. For more information, please visit our website at today.



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