How to book a private jet

23 November 2015   Charter Flights

Charter jet rental has become increasingly popular over the last few years for corporate as well as leisure travellers. More affordable than first class tickets, more comfortable than commercial flights and more convenient for passengers who want to avoid traffic, schedules and queues, charter flights offer significant benefits over their commercial counterparts. Here are some great tips for ensuring your private jet experience is as enjoyable as possible.

1. Choose the right aircraft: There is a wide range of aircraft for hire in the charter industry and knowing which plane will suit your needs is essential to a comfortable flight. In addition to smaller jets which seat up to seven passengers, there are mid and large size jets ideal for carrying larger parties and going longer distances without refueling – saving you valuable time. Your destination and the number of guests you will be flying with are the most important factors, but be sure to remember other requirements such as particular seating arrangements, privacy and storage as well.
2. Use a broker: Brokers work with charter companies to negotiate the best deal on your behalf, balancing luxury with affordability. They can assist you with choosing a reputable company and selecting the correct aircraft for your trip, as well as ensuring your travel arrangements run smoothly.
3. Be flexible: Although it’s not always possible (and one of the benefits of private travel is their ability to fit to your schedule and not the other way around), it is a good idea to be flexible with your travel times. Flying with short notice on empty leg flights can save you thousands of dollars without sacrificing any of the comforts that come with private travel.
4. Be specific: If you are travelling with children, have pets or have special needs (including mobility requirements) be sure to inform your broker or charter flight service as to exactly what you require. This will ensure the crew is fully informed of your needs and ready to deliver all the assistance you require with the utmost professionalism and friendly service.
5. Know your airport: Charter services are able to utilize smaller, private airports which allow them to deliver quick turnaround times and bypass the hustle and traffic of large airports. These airports are designed with private travellers in mind, offering high-class amenities as well as executive travel and parking services.
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