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Can private jets land anywhere?

5 October 2020   Hangar Space

Private jets come with many perks: you can fly at your convenience and determine your own take-off time, you don’t have waste hours standing around the boarding gate, you don’t have to check your luggage or worry about lost bags, and you’ll have complete privacy for the duration of your flight. But one question lots of people have is, can private jets land anywhere?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as a simple yes or no, so let’s explore some different scenarios and preferences:

Private jets can land at large commercial airports, but there may be long waits. Hundreds of flights land at major airports like JKF and LaGuardia every single day, and private jets are often required to wait before landing. So, while private jets can land at busy commercial airports like these, most people prefer to use smaller, private airports like Monmouth Airport because they’re less likely to experience delays. 

Many pilots prefer landing at smaller executive airports because they’re more efficient. Flying a private jet means you’re responsible for paying fuel, ramp, and landing charges. Commercial airports are often more expensive, so there’s a chance you’ll pay more. Due to congestion, private jets are often rushed off the runway upon landing, adding to the stress of landing at a crowded, busy airport. Using a private airport makes the entire experience more efficient – cheaper fees, you won’t be hurried off the runway, and you won’t experience congestion upon landing.

Executive airports have amenities that commercial airports don’t have. Once you land your private jet, you need somewhere to store it until you’re ready to fly again. There are often long waiting lists for hangar space at busy commercial airports, and their fees can be expensive. Smaller executive airports like Monmouth Airport have affordable aircraft hangars with no wait time, making it convenient for you.

The benefits of having your own hangar space

Having your own hangar space comes with many benefits. Unlike landing at busy commercial airports, when you have your own hangar space at an executive airport you know there’s always a space for you. You can take off and land at your own convenience, and you’ll never need to put your name on a waiting list. Also, many private airports also have on-site aircraft maintenance teams who will service your aircraft and keep it in prime condition. 

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