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Charter vs Commercial: The Easy Case for Private Aircraft Travel

11 March 2024   Private Jet Travel

The question whether we prefer charter vs commercial aircraft travel has only one response at Monmouth Jet Center. We heartily endorse the comfort and convenience of charter flights. Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM) is conveniently located outside “Class B” airspace and just a 20-minute helicopter ride or a one-hour drive from the center of Manhattan. 

Monmouth Jet Center offers first-class charter services, aircraft cleaning and detailing, on-site aircraft mechanics, an FBO, and airplane hangar spaces. Charter flight pets are also welcome at Monmouth! We share why private aircraft travel is preferable to commercial flights.

What Are the Difference Between Charter and Commercial Flights 

What is the difference between charter and commercial flights? Airplanes used in commercial flights can accommodate hundreds of people and must fly from large airports. You are expected to be at the airport a few hours before departure, carry your luggage, and after checking in, wait until your flight is called. Flights run on a very tight schedule, and if you are late, the plane leaves without you. 

What are charter flights? Private jets for charter flights can seat 6 to 20 passengers, ensuring comfort and privacy. If you use this service you can select the type of aircraft you prefer, hire the entire aircraft, indicate your departure time and date preferences, and their preferred departure and arrival airports. When your charter flight departs from Monmouth Executive Airport, you can be in the Hamptons within 45 minutes. 

The Advantages of Charter Flights  

There are several advantages to flying on private jets, which mitigate a charter flight’s cost. Charter flights are all about the client and offer privacy, flexibility, comfort, personal service, and freedom of choice. You can take as much luggage as you need, and many flights welcome pets traveling with their owners. The aircraft will have what you need to make the flight comfortable, including your favorite snacks, drinks, and any other in-flight must-haves on your list! 

Possibly one of the biggest advantages to a charter flight is you don’t wait when you use a charter flight. At Monmouth Jet Center, we offer a one-call transportation scheduling service from door to door. Your vehicle stops at the charter flight to board in comfort, and the flight departs as soon as air traffic control clears it. 

Are Charter Flights Expensive Compared to Commercial Flights? 

The simple answer is yes. For instance, when you fly commercially you purchase a single seat on a flight while for a private charter, you are booking the entire jet! Private charter jets are often used for business purposes when executives need to meet an important client or have meetings in different cities. A management executive or board member’s time is valuable, and the flight’s cost might be a savings when you take the broad view. 

Monmouth Jet Center (MJC) at Monmouth Executive Airport is an attractive alternative to crowded New York City, Philadelphia, and Jersey Shore gateway airports. If you prefer charter and charter vs commercial is not a consideration, contact us to discuss how Monmouth Jet Center can be of service.

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