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Monmouth Jet Center:
Your Gateway to Flying Lessons with Cirrus Aircraft

Experience the Skies with Elite Flight Experience, a Cirrus Platinum Partner Training Center. Discover the marvels of personal aviation with Cirrus aircraft, known for their advanced digital controls and unparalleled flight safety. Through Elite’s Discovery Flights, you can explore the beauty and performance of a Cirrus SR22 or SR20. Whether for business or personal travel, embark on your first flight lesson and experience the difference in just a few hours!

Achieve Your Aviation Dreams with Elite Flight Experience. Whether you aspire to become a professional pilot or simply wish to fly in style, the seasoned team at Elite can help you start your journey.

Contact Monmouth Jet Center today, and we'll coordinate with Elite to get you airborne! Reach us at

Expert Flight Instruction at Elite

Elite Flight Experience boasts a team of Airline Transport Pilot rated instructors, each with thousands of flight hours. Certified by Cirrus, these instructors are dedicated to delivering exceptional and enjoyable flight training experiences. They specialize in Cirrus aircraft instruction across all ratings, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance.

Comprehensive Aircraft Management with Elite

Ready to own your aircraft? Elite provides full aircraft management services, specializing in Cirrus, the leading general aviation aircraft for over a decade. The team at Elite ensures your plane comes equipped with full parachutes and offers different ownership options to reduce costs and provide tax benefits where possible. As a host of Elite Flight Experience, Monmouth Jet Center can coordinate hangar space for your new Cirrus, ensuring a smooth transition.

Top Features of the Cirrus SR22

*Specifications are based on the SR22T aircraft model

  • Perspective Touch+ by Garmin®: Larger, high-resolution displays ideal for viewing charts, managing flight plans, and monitoring weather. Touchscreen controllers provide quick function access.
  • 3D SafeTaxi: Gain a 3D view of your aircraft and surrounding airport environment during taxi, enhancing situational awareness and safety.
  • Alert-Linked Checklists: Quickly find the right checklist in response to CAS messages, streamlining aircraft management.
  • Taxiway Routing: Simplifies ground navigation with progressive taxi routes, even in complex airport environments.
  • Aircraft Systems Synoptic Pages: Intuitive pages display the health and status of your aircraft systems, including engine, fuel, electrical, and ice protection.

Ready to Fly?

Give Monmouth Jet Center a call at 732-751-0044, and we’ll coordinate with Elite Flight Experience to launch your journey into the skies in a top-of-the-line Cirrus aircraft.

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