Frequently Asked Questions about Monmouth Jet Center

PrivateJetLandingMonmouthAirportWhat has changed at Monmouth Executive Airport?

The airport was sold on December 3, 2013 to a consortium known as Wall Aviation, an experienced Aviation group that is beginning the process of making the airport into a modernized jet center. As such the airport has seen renewed focus on safety and on suitability as a base of operations for jet aircraft, though the airport still welcomes helicopter and piston aircraft too. Plans are in place for multiple facility upgrades, and the airport was converted to 24/7 operations early in 2014.

What are the hours of operation for Monmouth Airport?

The airport is now open 24/7. The airport has added an additional 8 hour shift from 2200- 0600 Hrs. for all of your aviation needs. The FBO will be open for aircraft arrivals and departures, as well as crew and passengers. Both Jet A and Avgas are now available 24/7.

Do aircraft still need to call ahead to turn on the runway lights and rotating beacon at night?

No, the airport runway lights and rotating beacon are now both on from dusk until dawn.

What kinds of hangar space is available?

There are both T- hangar and large open hangar space available immediately for rent. Please check our hangar space main page for more details.

Is there a maintenance facility located on the airport premises for service issues?

Yes, there are maintenance facilities located on the airport for your aircraft maintenance needs.

Does the Monmouth Jet Center FBO provide De-icing to aircraft?

Yes, The FBO has a new De-icing truck capable of dispensing both type 1 & 4 Glycol to small, mid, and large size aircraft.

Are there still skydiving and banner towing planes at Monmouth Executive Airport?

No. Due to safety concerns and consistent with our new mission to be a proper Jet Center, the airport no longer permits these kinds of operations at the site.

Are the DOD and their military aircraft welcome at Monmouth Executive Airport?

Yes, we support our armed forces with more than just talk. Every active duty DOD member in uniform stepping off an aircraft landing at Monmouth will receive a $10.00 food voucher to nearby Runway 34 Restaurant which is within walking distance from the Monmouth Jet Center FBO. And there is never a landing fee for military aircraft that fuel up at our facilities.

Is there a flight school for learning how to fly, taking lessons, located at Monmouth Executive Airport?

Yes, The name of the flight school is – Eagles View Aviation. Please check on our website learn to fly NJ page for more information regarding Eagles View.

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future