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Flying in Style – The Latest Trends in Business Private Jet Travel

2 December 2019   Charter Flights

Private business aviation is a dynamic and growing industry, with more and more business travelers choosing private jets not only for their increasing affordability but also for the convenience and time savings. Here are some of the latest trends in this industry from Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ.

Interactive Tech:

Private jets are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and equipment upgrades to include cutting-edge tech for client convenience and entertainment is on the rise. This means accessible high-speed internet, client environmental control (heads-up displays like Clarity that control window shades, lighting, and temperature), LED lighting packages, and multiple, multi-use HD screens.


Business travelers can’t afford to be out-of-touch, even if it is just for the duration of a private jet flight, so Wi-Fi is a must-have. Richard Branson is launching his worldwide internet service through Virgin Galactic, and Ka-band satellites are being positioned to ensure smooth, reliable access to internet facilities even when traveling at 500 mph. This is obviously ideal for business travelers needing to host meetings, check emails, and upload documents, but it’s also great for relaxing between meetings with seamless on-demand entertainment.

Food and Drink:

Private jet companies are all about offering on-demand luxury tailored to a client’s specific needs, and that includes food and drink. With the limited space onboard a private jet for behind-the-scenes work, new tech is assisting charter companies in providing even better and healthier food and drink services. This includes breakthroughs like the Zodiac Aerospace Cool Trolley that keeps food and drink at a perfectly cool 41 degrees and the Dishwasher from Lufthansa Technik and HS2 Engineering that can clean a full load of glassware and dishes in a record-breaking 360 seconds.

Charter Booking Systems and Private Jet Management:

Private aviation is not just about the flight and the jet. It’s about the entire process of chartering a jet for business travel. Charter companies are investing in expert private jet management to ensure the highest quality crews and seamless, integrated flight operations. They are also refining booking systems to make the charter process as smooth, reliable, and customized to client needs as possible.

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