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Frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus and flying private

27 May 2020   General
flying private

It’s no news that the WHO (The World Health Organization) has declared Coronavirus as a global pandemic. COVID-19 is still spreading around the world leaving private jet members with many questions. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers around the virus and flying private.

Is flying private safer than flying with a commercial airline? 

Flying commercial can come with many risks. Because this is a virus that at some times can show no symptoms you can be exposed by strangers without knowing it. You are also exposed to more people not only on the plane but also at the airport. When flying private you have control of the cleanliness and disinfection precautions, which is not the case when you fly commercial. Private aviation has many more protection options like the use of private terminals and jets effectively minimize the number of people you come in contact with. Most private jets have a maximum passenger capacity which is a much lower number than you would encounter flying commercial. 

Should I fly private if I am an at risk passenger?

If you are at high risk of catching the COVID-19 because of age or serious medical conditions you should consider private jet-specific memberships and charter flight options. Traveling commercially allows for interaction with more people increases your chance of exposure to the virus. Private jets provide the best environmental conditions as well as drastically declining the number of people you interact with. If you are at risk or have children at risk or worried about older loved ones and parents flying commercially you should consider private travel as an alternative.

Where am I not allowed to fly?

How long flights will be suspended is still unclear as is how long this pandemic will still last. If this affects your traveling plans and you are not sure what to do to speak with your Private Aviation Consultant about alternative destinations and other travel solutions to meet your needs. 

How will COVID-19 affect on-demand charter flights? 

There has been a compelling increase in on-demand private jet charter flights as COVID-19 spreads around the world. As demand for private jet charter is getting higher, it won’t be long before we are fully booked. If you are planning a trip we advise you to make a booking as soon as possible to secure your preferred aircraft for your travels. 

What are we doing to keep you safe?

The Staff has provided our members and clients with an additional layer of protection. As part of the initiative, the staff actively communicating with our operators to ensure the highest standards are followed, as well as making sure clients are more comfortable by accommodating any special requests.

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