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Why High Quality is Essential to Private Airports

1 October 2018   Monmouth Jet Center
Monmouth Airport

Ever flown by private aircraft? It’s a truly luxurious experience where you can take your pets with you, hold work meetings while you fly or simply relax and be pampered as you travel. At private airports like Monmouth Executive Airport, our focus is on providing the same type of world-class experience and similarly, the quality of our services sets us apart. Here are just some ways that quality makes all the difference:

  • Treating your clients in the way they deserve: For private charter services, having a partner who can extend the luxury of private flight beyond the trip on the aircraft itself is essential to meeting the needs and expectations of private travelers. This includes well-appointed waiting areas, door-to-door transport services and even helicopter shuttle services.
  • Seamless services: Charter companies need to operate seamlessly if they are to meet the level of service their clients require. Having on-site aircraft maintenance, custom aircraft hangars, a reliable supply of Jet A and Avgas (under a fueling canopy that keeps aircraft and passengers out of the elements) and other high-end FBO services is key to keeping the highest client service standards.
  • Professional operations: The operation of the airport itself should meet the highest professional and safety standards to ensure great client service and smooth operations for private charter services. This includes operations running 24/7, all-night runway and taxiway lighting, GPS approach, aircraft de-icing, on-site maintenance crews and runways long enough to accommodate large private jets as well as smaller aircraft.

As you can see, a private airport is more than simply a service provider – they are a partner in the success of your charter company.

High-Quality Hangar Space in NJ – Available Now at Monmouth Executive Airport

Monmouth Airport is currently expanding – and part of our plan is to meet the demand by pilots and charter companies for affordable, high-quality hangar space in NJ. In addition to communal hangar space, we also offer T-hangars, as well as options for custom hangar space and flight office space. Our FBO services and aircraft maintenance services have been upgraded to match this world-class offering, including the supply of fuel at competitive or cheaper rates than competitors in the region.

For more information about Monmouth Jet Center or airplane hangars in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website at

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future