How to Choose the Right Private Jet for Your Charter Flight

18 March 2020   Charter Flights
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Private jet charter is all about choice, from choosing from a wider range of airports closer to your destination to your choice of onboard dining and entertainment. One important choice to make correctly when chartering your flight is choosing the right type of private jet, as there are quite a few different options. Here’s some insight from Monmouth Executive Airport, premier suppliers of affordable hangar space in NJ.

Determine the Number of Passengers

Capacity is the most important aspect of choosing a private jet, as it needs to be able to seat your entire party in comfort. While very light jets will take between two and four passengers, larger jets can accommodate up to 16 passengers on board. Confirm your numbers before you charter a flight and remember to include people who may be joining on different legs of your journey.

The Range of Your Jet 

How far away your destination is and how you’d like to travel there are other important factors to consider, as private jets vary in range. For example, a light jet will have a shorter range. So, it will be able to reach closer destinations with ease but may need multiple refueling stops to reach further destinations, which can affect travel times and routes.

Economy of Travel 

Certain jets are more economical than others and, if you are going to be organizing regular charter flights for business or tours, then it’s a good idea to choose a jet that offers great fuel economy.


Features are a huge part of private jet travel and are in a large part determined by the type of jet you choose. For example, some jets offer high-speed internet connections, which is ideal for corporate travelers who want to work as they fly. Others offer more storage space for luggage, more crew members to see to your comfort, more luxurious cabins or dedicated bedrooms, or even conferencing facilities. It’s all about finding a jet that suits your personal travel style.

Affordable, Custom Hangar Space in NJ for Immediate Charter Rental

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