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How to maintain your aircraft hangar

13 June 2016   Hangar Space

Buying or renting an aircraft hangar is a big investment and, in order to reap the full benefits of a space like this for repairs, maintenance and storage, it needs to be cleaned and maintained to a high standard. Here are some tips from the specialists at Monmouth Executive Airport.

  • Keep the floors clear: Aircraft maintenance means electrical cords, tools, hoses, rollaway boxes and more all over your hangar floor. This presents a serious tripping hazard where someone can easily get injured, knock over toolboxes and even accidentally damage the aircraft. Use overhead retractable reels if possible and keep any other cords taped down securely.Make sure that pathways are kept clear around the hangar for easy, safe movement.
  • Fire safety is paramount: Areas around electrical work should be kept clean and clear at all times, and all flammable substances and debris must be kept clear of the hangar. Also, be sure to regularly check your electrical equipment for any wear and tear that may compromise its safe use.
  • FOD awareness: Foreign Object Damage is a leading cause of aircraft damage and can compromise personal safety as well as cost you a lot of money to repair. Try to keep ramp and operation areas clean, follow an FAA tool control program and provide designated storage and containers for used hardware, parts, and refuse.
  • Check your hangar doors: Your hangar doors need to be able to open and close smoothly as well as securely hold the hangar closed in rough weather, so maintaining your doors is vital. Rust, electric malfunctions and mechanical problems can plague hangar doors, causing them to stick and becoming a safety hazard for anyone around them, so contact a professional maintenance and repair service as soon as you become aware of any issues.

Airplane hangar space available now at New Jersey’s Monmouth Executive Airport 

Aircraft are a significant investment and storing your aircraft safely is essential to protecting it from the elements and reducing repair and maintenance costs – and that’s why Monmouth Executive Airport is prioritizing hangar space in New Jersey. With custom built hangars, common-use hangars, t-hangars and larger aircraft hangars with attached office space available now at rates competitive with those offered at Teterboro, Morristown Airport and other regional jet centers, we offer convenience, expert services and low stress airspace for private and charter companies.

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