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Post-COVID 19 air travel

7 September 2020   Monmouth Jet Center
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The Coronavirus pandemic has left many wondering how and when they will be able to safely travel and visit friends and family that live overseas. Although some domestic airlines are operating again, safety and social distancing are a valid concern and may prove to be quite difficult to implement in busy airport terminals and oftentimes tightly packed commercial planes with small seats and little legroom, to say the least.

Many believe that technology like biometrics might become the new normal at check-ins and security points as it helps to avoid human-to-human contact and the handling of documents back and forth and thus the spreading of germs. Facial recognition as well as fingerprint and eye-scan technology could prove to be the way forward to assist in maintaining social distancing at airports and may also allow for the faster processing of passengers through airport terminals. 

Time is money and the time spent to board a commercial aircraft post-COVID 19 could be lengthy considering all the new health and safety protocols that airlines and airports will have to implement. That’s why private aviation is so appealing. 

4 reasons why private aviation saves time and poses fewer risks

  • Passengers boarding a private jet spend a lot less time at the airport because the average time from arriving at the airport to boarding your charter plane is less than 15 minutes.
  • Fewer people at the airport mean fewer health and safety procedures thus saving you time, and if we may state the obvious, far fewer passengers on your plane.
  • No queues at immigration, fewer shops (if any) and no need for baggage to be labeled at the check-in counter all mean less human interaction and fewer safety risks for those who simply cannot afford to get sick or who may be in a high-risk category should they get sick from the Coronavirus.
  • Chartering a private jet at Monmouth Jet Center also means you can fly at your own schedule because smaller jets fly faster and higher than commercial airlines and so their flight paths are more direct and they do not compete with larger airlines for airspace. 

Monmouth Executive airport offers low-risk travel solutions, custom hangar space in NJ as well as a flight school in NJ

You can even learn to fly NJ at Monmouth airport in New Jersey which is conveniently located just outside of crowded NY area airspace making it one of the safest places to learn to fly and one of the top flight schools in NJ. Enjoy some flying lessons in NJ and experience the thrill of learning to fly NJ in uncrowded airspace and beautiful surroundings. 

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future