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How to safely store your personal jet or airplane

15 February 2016   Hangar Space

Properly storing your aircraft is part of being a responsible owner – and this means evaluating your options to find out what works best for you. Monmouth Executive Airport takes a look at the pros and cons of different storage options.

Tie-down or hangar? 

The most common tie-down is a three-point tie-down that involves securely fastening your aircraft at each of the wings and the tail to attachments placed in a dedicated aircraft parking lot. This option is the most affordable option in terms of upfront costs and it is effective at ensuring that your airplane won’t tip in strong winds. However, your aircraft will be at the mercy of the elements, including sun, snow and winds, which can lead to significant increases in maintenance costs that can quickly outweigh the apparent affordability of this option.

Hangar space for rental or purchase is the more expensive option, but it does keep your aircraft safely out of the elements. Generally speaking, there are two main types of hangars – T-hangars and shared hangars. Shared hangars are communal and therefore more affordable, but airplanes can suffer from bumps and minor accidents caused by other airplanes moving in and out of the space if not managed properly. T-hangars are t-shaped with a narrow back end to fit the tail and a wider front to fit the wings. These are not shared hangars and allow aircraft owners the luxury of having their own space in which to store their aircraft, work on it and even have their own office space.

Hangar space available now at Monmouth Executive Airport 

If hangar space is the right storage option for you, Monmouth Jet Center can assist you. With aircraft hangar space available immediately as well as competitively priced leasing and custom construction deals, your airplane or private jet will soon be housed safely and protected from the elements.

In addition to our aircraft storage solutions, we offer you access to affordably priced aviation fuel (including AVGas and Jet-A), high-end amenities, 24-hour operations, onsite aircraft mechanic and maintenance crews, and the longest private runway in the country at 7300 feet. Just over an hour’s drive from Manhattan and located outside of high-traffic Class B airspace, we offer you a world-class airport and flying experience.

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