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Exploring the Benefits of Private Aircraft Management Services

16 January 2024   Private Jet Travel

Why spend time on private aircraft management when someone else can do it for you? A private jet is a substantial capital investment that deserves the attention of professionals to preserve its value and maintain safety standards. 

Keep your jet in a Monmouth Jet Center hangar and receive 24/7 service, use the longest private runway in the country, and enjoy low air traffic. Monmouth is approximately 20 minutes by helicopter or just over an hour’s drive from New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. We explore the advantages of private aircraft management and what further support Monmouth Jet Center can provide.

1. Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions

Private aircraft maintenance is a vital service offering when you use private aircraft management services. Comprehensive maintenance solutions should include routine inspections, addressing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bulletins and maintenance based on flight hour intervals, the jet’s age, and condition. Trained aircraft technicians perform the maintenance. 

Monmouth Jet Center has on-site aircraft mechanics available 24/7. They provide repair, inspection, and maintenance services for most propeller planes and jet engines.   

2. Expert Operational Support

It takes multiple parties working together to ensure owners enjoy the convenience of their private jets. A private aircraft management company collaborates with Fixed Based Operators (FBOs), crew networks, mechanics, and other service providers to provide operational support. 

Monmouth Jet Center FBO services are available 24/7, including all professional services required for piston aircraft, helicopters, and large private jets. We offer concierge services, catering, a crew lounge, GPU, lavatory servicing, de-icing, fuel services and more.   

3. Enhanced Cost Savings

The operational costs of owning a personal jet are high. One might think private jet management services add to the expense, but the service can offer cost savings. Private jet management companies purchase spare parts in higher quantities than individual owners and source fuel at reduced prices, substantially lowering operating costs. They also manage all the organizational details when you offer your jet for chartering.       

At Monmouth Jet Center, we offer the most competitive Jet A and Avgas prices in the Tri-state area, as fuel is often one of the highest operating expenses for personal jet owners.         

4. Tailored Management Plans

A professional private jet management company will always provide clients with tailored management plans, adjusted as their needs change. They negotiate for hangar space and ensure your aircraft is FAA and Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant, organize your flights, schedule aircraft crews and attend to your special requests, amongst many other service offerings.    

Landing and take-off delays are rare at Monmouth Jet Center as we are a few miles outside New York’s “Class B” airspace and one mile outside “Mode C”.

5. Peace of Mind and Time Savings

Time and convenience are two of the main reasons people purchase personal jets. You don’t have to wait in a queue but walk onto your plane while the crew handles your luggage and makes you comfortable. Your flight takes off as soon as you are on board, and you don’t even give a thought to the details of your private jet ownership. You have peace of mind as your private aircraft management company ensure everything runs smoothly.

Did you know Monmouth Executive Airport (KBLM), where Monmouth Jet Center is based, is only a sixty-minute flight from Martha’s Vineyard and ninety minutes from Washington D.C.? 

We want to be your airport of choice! For more information on private aircraft management support, or if you have any questions, please contact our team at Monmouth Jet Center today. We look forward to hearing from you.