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A Guide to Selecting the Right Airplane Hangars

6 June 2024   General

Airplane hangars are essential to protect the multimillion-dollar investments aircraft owners make when they purchase private jets, prop planes, and helicopters. Monmouth Jet Center is committed to meeting client needs, and our services include leasing out affordable aircraft hangars.

Monmouth Jet Center is a 20-minute helicopter ride or a one-hour drive from the center of Manhattan and is conveniently located for corporate and private airplane hangars. Below our experts share the basics on aircraft hangar space.

Exploring Different Types of Aircraft Hangars and Their Uses

Monmouth Jet Center provides pre-built common-use hangars, t-hangars, and larger aircraft hangers with attached office space. Corporate flight operators, Part 135 operators, and other interested parties can do a build-out in existing buildings or design and build a custom hangar. Let’s look at the different types of aircraft hangars and their uses:

T-hangars: Single-story hangars shaped like a “T” and used for smaller aircraft. 

Box hangars: Rectangular hangars designed to accommodate larger aircraft or multiple smaller aircraft.

Corporate hangars: Custom-designed hangars with amenities such as offices and lounges, accommodating multiple aircraft. 

Helicopter hangars: Specialized hangars solely designed to accommodate helicopters.

Maintenance hangars: Large hangars designed for aircraft repairs and maintenance.

Disaster relief operations often use portable hangars, and military hangars are large with extensive security features. Monmouth Jet Center does not charge a landing fee for military aircraft refueling at the airport.

Designing your Hangar For Optimal Space and Efficiency

Every private airplane hangar is designed to meet the owner’s needs. There are a few essentials to consider when you design a jet hangar. Airplane hangars must adhere to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), local and state building requirements, as well as the design limitations and criteria set by the airport where the hangar is based.  

How can you design jet hangars for optimal space and efficiency? Ensure the hangar area is large enough to allow the aircraft to maneuver in and out of the building. The kind of services you want to offer inside the hangar also affects the design. Corporate flight operators will require office areas, lounges, and restrooms to maintain professional client services. Sustainable design is increasingly incorporated into all building designs, and jet hangar designers should consider how to optimize energy efficiency within the aircraft hangar.

Hangar Space At Monmouth Jet Center

Monmouth Executive Airport is an attractive alternative to crowded New York City, Philadelphia, and Jersey Shore gateway airports. We have a long private runway at over 7300 feet long, and it can accommodate almost all classes of non-commercial jets. Our secondary runway is over 3500 feet long and the ideal runway for all types of small aircraft. Monmouth Jet Center provides first-class amenities, full aviation services, and competitively priced fuel. 

We have ample space for hangars on the Monmouth Jet Center grounds, Contact us today to learn more!

The Best Places To Visit In New Jersey: Explore New Jersey with Monmouth

5 September 2023   Monmouth Jet Center

If you’re planning a visit to New Jersey or the surrounding areas, Monmouth Jet Center is the ideal airport, offering convenience, reliability, and first-class service to all passengers. With so many wonderful places to visit in and around New Jersey, why not take advantage of our regional airport and everything it has to offer? 

The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City, Asbury Park, Cape May

Famous for its boardwalks and miles of beautiful beaches, the Jersey Shore is a popular vacation destination for families, friends, and solo travelers. Some of the most popular Jersey Shore destinations include:

Atlantic City: For those who want to hit the casinos and try their luck with gambling, Atlantic City has so much to offer. We recommend you also visit the Atlantic City Aquarium and enjoy the many waterfront dining and shopping spots. 

Asbury Park: A cute beachfront city with boardwalks, arcades, cafes, and more, Asbury Park is where you’ll find one of the best beaches in the state. 

Cape May: Located at the southern tip of New Jersey’s Cape May Peninsula, this city has a seaside resort and is known for its grand Victorian homes. You can enjoy great views across the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean from the Cape May Lighthouse. 

Block Island

Located just south of mainland Rhode Island, Block Island is a short journey from New Jersey, and it’s a popular weekend getaway spot where you can enjoy the dramatic cliffs, rocky beaches, and historic lighthouse. Outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home on Block Island with snorkeling, bike riding, bird watching, sailing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. 

NYC or Philadelphia

Monmouth Jet Center is conveniently located a short distance away from both New York City and Philadelphia. So whether you want to pop over to NYC for a day to see a show or do some shopping, or visit Philadelphia and take in the city’s fascinating history, both are made easy when you fly through Monmouth. 

Day Visits to New Jersey

Perhaps you live on the east coast and want to take a quick trip to New Jersey for the day. Instead of flying into Newark discover how convenient it is to fly into Monmouth Jet Center. No matter your final destination, we will help you arrange transport and ensure you get where you need to go. Don’t risk delays, cancellations, and other stresses that come from flying into larger commercial airports. Traveling should be fun and convenient, and that’s what you’ll find when you fly to Monmouth!

For more information about how you can utilize Monmouth Jet Center to explore New Jersey and the surrounding areas, or if you have any questions, please contact our team today. Discover why so many people choose us as their preferred airport when visiting New Jersey. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hangar Space at Monmouth

1 August 2023   Hangar Space

If you’re interested in renting an aircraft hanger in New Jersey, Monmouth Jet Center has what you’re looking for. Whether you need hangar space year round or just seasonally, we have everything you need as an aircraft owner, and renting from us comes with many benefits.

Prime Location 

Monmouth Jet Center is in New Jersey and we’re conveniently located in close proximity to many popular destinations, including the Jersey Shore, New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. Rather than flying into congested commercial airports, why not skip the hassle and enjoy the convenience of Monmouth? Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a longer summer vacation, you’ll have access to many wonderful destinations via our airport

Ready to Rent 

Aircraft owners who have tried to rent a hangar at a commercial airport have probably encountered long waiting lists, which can alter your plans. At Monmouth Jet Center we have hangars available now, with no waiting list that can accommodate your aircraft.

Room to Build 

We also have room to build your own custom aircraft hangar. Because we aren’t located in a busy metropolitan hub, we are fortunate to have enough space to accommodate expansion, including additional aircraft hangars. If you are interested in building a hangar at our airport, please contact our team to discuss your specifications. 

What’s Allowed and What’s Not

By law, hangars have certain permitted uses as well as certain limitations. Legal uses of a hangar include aircraft storage, shelter for maintenance or refurbishment of an aircraft, aircraft construction, and storage of equipment related to the aircraft. Hangars cannot be used as a residence, to operate a non-aeronautical business, to store items that aren’t aircraft related or to store fuel and other hazardous or flammable materials. Lastly hangers cannot be used for any activities that block or interfere with the aircraft moving in and out of the hangar. 

About Monmouth Jet Center

Located in New Jersey, at Monmouth Jet Center we have a long private runway at more than 7,300 feet. We are able to accommodate various types of aircraft and we have excellent on-site facilities for the comfort of passengers and crew. Our maintenance team is also on-site and available to service your aircraft as needed, so it will be ready for you to make your return flight. We also offer flying lessons for people of all ages and skill levels, so if one of your dreams is to pilot a plane, give us a call today. 

For more information about renting an aircraft hangar with us, if you have any questions, or if you’d like more information, please contact our team at Monmouth Jet Center today. Discover why so many people in New Jersey choose us as their aircraft hangar provider. We look forward to hearing from you.

Protecting your Investment

6 September 2022   Monmouth Jet Center

Your aircraft is a valuable investment that deserves to be cared for and protected. When not in use, you likely store your aircraft in a hangar, and  for those who don’t have their own hangars, renting is the best option. Did you know you can request a hangar ahead of time to ensure your aircraft is secure and protected from the elements? 

At Monmouth Jet Center we have short-term hangar rentals available for a range of different types of aircraft, and unlike large commercial airports, there’s no waiting list when you choose to request a hangar with us. 

Request a Hangar 

Planning a trip often involves a long to-do list, so be sure you add “request a hangar” to your list! Requesting a hangar with us is simple and straightforward, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. As soon as you know the dates you’ll be storing your aircraft, please give us a call so we can reserve a hangar for you and have it ready upon your arrival. 

If you’ve ever tried to rent hangar space at a commercial airport then you know availability can be scarce and sometimes you have to add your name to a waiting list. Unless you plan a year in advance there’s no guarantee that a hangar will be available when you need it. At smaller, executive airports like Monmouth Jet Center, we have year-round availability and we’re conveniently located close to the Jersey Shore, and just an hour drive to New York City, and several other popular vacation destinations. 

Keep Your Investment Safe 

Storing your aircraft in a hangar is essential to keeping it in top condition. Hangars protect your aircraft from the elements. In the same way you wouldn’t leave an expensive car parked outside on the street overnight, you shouldn’t leave your aircraft exposed and unprotected. When you rent a hangar from us you can rest assured that your aircraft is safe while you enjoy your trip. 

Short Term Hangars at Monmouth 

Short-term hangar rentals at Monmouth Jet Center are flexible and suited to your needs. Whether you’re traveling for business and only need a hangar for a few days, or you and your family are taking a summer vacation to the Jersey Shore and you’re interested in renting a hangar for a week or two, we have options for you. Although we can usually always accommodate you upon short notice, we recommend you plan ahead if possible, so please give us a call when you know your travel dates so we can reserve a hangar for your aircraft. 

For more information about requesting a hangar, or if you have any questions about the process and how it works, please contact our team at Monmouth Jet Center today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

How To Prepare an Aircraft for Long Term Storage

12 July 2022   Around the Airport

As most pilots would agree they want to fly as often as possible, however life sometimes has other plans. If you find yourself needing long term storage for your aircraft, there are a few things you should consider. If you don’t already keep your aircraft in a hangar when you’re not using it, you should consider renting a hanger as it will best protect your investment. Leaving an aircraft on an outside tie down long term, while not using it often is a recipe for additional maintenance costs. 

Hanger Space is your Best Option 

If you won’t be using your aircraft for the foreseeable future, hangar space is the best option to protect your plane from elements like moisture which can cause multiple hush cost problems, birds looking for refuge and even sun damage which can fade your paint job, and the interior of your aircraft. The rent you pay for a hangar could pale in comparison to the kinds of expensive repairs an inactive plan stuck outside may need in 6 months. Inside a hanger you will keep your aircraft safe and keep the maintenance bill as low as possible.

What to Consider When Looking for a Hangar

Generally you can look at a wider range of airport locations when shopping for the best deal on hangars for storage, because proximity isn’t as important as it would be for frequent fliers. Monmouth Airport actually houses a number of aircraft for NY based clientele who enjoy the lower hangar rents than NY area airports, but they can still get from the city to their jet in an hour by car, or 20 minutes by helicopter.

Additionally, hangar spaces come in different sizes, so it’s important to make sure you get something big enough to comfortably house your aircraft but also not so big that you are paying for wasted space.  All hangar spaces should offer electricity and water, if you need to vacuum, wash, or preheat and charge your aircraft battery. Some hangars at Monmouth Airport are also heated or come with a small flight office particularly helpful for small commercial operators. 

Hangars at Monmouth Jet Center 

Monmouth Jet Center has affordable hangars available where you will be paying a fraction of the price they charge at a busy airport like Teterboro. Additionally in most cases you don’t have to be on a waiting list for a hangar, they normally have them available immediately. Because you choose to store your aircraft at a smaller airport, you also enjoy lower fuel costs and a more relaxed class 2 airspace compared to the hectic airspace at a busy NY airport. Give our experts at Monmouth Jet Center a call today to answer any questions.