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The guidelines to using a hangar

13 April 2021   Hangar Space

Whether you own your own aircraft or rent one from time to time, you’ll need access to an airplane hangar when it’s not in use. The type of hangar you use will depend on several factors, including which airport you fly into, what type of aircraft you have, and hangar availability at your destination. 

You may think that guidelines and regulations put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only apply to aircraft, but the FAA actually has official guidelines for hangars and hangar usage as well. In this article, we’ll discuss some frequently asked questions about using a hangar, as well as explain some regulations around hangar usage.

FAQ of usage of hangars at obligated airports:

What is an airport sponsor’s responsibility for hangar use?

Airports are required to ensure their hangars are used appropriately, and this includes:

  • Monitoring the use of all hangars to prevent any unapproved usage
  • Creating and maintaining a hangar leasing program, complete with written contract and any necessary permits
  • Managing hangar space so that it minimizes wait time for those on a waiting list (ideally airports won’t have a hangar waiting list)
  • Requiring non-aviation users who use an airport’s hangar to pay a fair market rental rate 

Why is the FAA issuing a separate policy statement on hangar use? 

The FAA stated that as a result of receiving many questions from airports and airport tenants, they wanted to issue an explicit policy statement on hangar use to avoid any unfair or discriminatory conditions developing at airports. 

Airport facilities application to the policy 

All airports and aircraft hangars – including custom hangars – that are designated for aeronautical use and approved by the FAA must comply with the latest FAA guidance. 

Does the policy apply to privately owned hangars on private property? 

FAA guidelines do not apply to privately owned hangars on private property. The guidelines only apply to airports and aircraft hangars that have been FAA-approved.

Available aircraft hangars at Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ

Many people prefer to use hangars at smaller executive airports like Monmouth Airport for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that there are rarely waiting lists at executive airports, while commercial airports often have long wait times for hangar availability. Monmouth Executive Airport also has on-site aircraft maintenance and custom hangar space, so your aircraft stays in top condition and ready to fly at a moment’s notice. 

For more information about hangar guidelines, or if you’re interested in custom hangar space in New Jersey, please contact our team at Monmouth Executive Airport today. 

The cost to buy, rent or build a hangar explained

9 March 2021   Hangar Space

If you’re in the market for hangar space, you may be wondering which option is best: buying, renting, or building an aircraft hangar. It’s essential that you keep your aircraft in a secure hangar to keep it safe from the elements and to keep it in the best condition possible. Depending on where you live, you probably have several choices, including buying or renting hangar space at a large commercial airport, or perhaps at a smaller executive airport. 

There are different cost implications for each of these options. In this article, we’ll explain the average costs associated with renting, buying or building a custom aircraft hangar, as well as what you can expect in terms of aircraft maintenance. We highly recommend having a comprehensive understanding of all costs involved before making your choice. 

How costs of airplane hangars can vary  

The cost of your hangar will largely be determined by what type of aircraft you have. If you have a plane you use for personal recreation and short business trips, your best option is probably renting hangar space. Many public airports build a surplus of hangars and you will most likely be able to find one to rent at a reasonable rate, and renting allows you to be flexible with moving your aircraft base from one location to another if necessary.

Corporate aircrafts are more high-maintenance than personal aircrafts, meaning they must be protected from the elements while not in the air, and they must be ready to fly at any given time. A hangar for a corporate aircraft will be more expensive than a hangar for a personal aircraft. In addition, we recommend hangaring corporate planes somewhere that’s serviced by an on-site aircraft maintenance team

Every airport will have their own hangar rental and purchasing costs that are influenced by a variety of factors, including tax rates, population density, local regulations, and the specifics of your aircraft. Location and convenience also factor into prices. 

Other factors to take in consideration 

While building custom hangar space is an attractive option because you can build it to your exact specifications, remember that you’ll be responsible for additional costs including building maintenance, repairs, insurance, and utilities. Building your own space also gives you the option to build designated spaces for maintenance. 

Renting is an appealing choice to most personal aircraft owners who use their planes for leisure and light business travel. However, before making a choice, find out what services are included in the rental price (like maintenance) and find out if the airport offers around-the-clock on-site aircraft support. 

For more information about hangar space at Monmouth Executive Airport, or if you have any other questions, please contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you.

The most extreme airports in the world

21 September 2020   General

The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on air travel in 2020 and for those that love to travel, you may be eager to explore the world again. If getting on an airplane leaves you with knots in your stomach though, you might want to avoid the following five airports and travel elsewhere. 

  • Juancho E Yrausquin Airport

A Google search of this airport will come up with the description, “Airport in Hell’s Gate, Caribbean Netherlands.” If the name isn’t enough to put you off, then take heed that this airport boasts an insanely short runway of a meager 400 meters, making it the world’s shortest commercial landing strip. It’s also built on the only flat space on the side of a mountain on a volcanic island, and only specially certified pilots are allowed to land there. 

  • Courchevel Airport France

This Altiport serves a ski resort called Courchevel in the picturesque French Alps. It has a short runway of only 518 meters with the highest gradient in the world of 18.6% so taking off or landing is extremely dangerous on such a steep slope. There’s also a no go-around procedure for landings there, due to the surrounding mountains and slopes.

  • Barra International Airport in Scotland

Barra is a wild and windy island with fewer than 1200 inhabitants who speak mostly Gaelic. Their scenic airport is one of a kind because it is the only airport in the world where scheduled flights use a tidal beach as the runway, which literally disappears at high tide. Obviously, airlines follow a strict schedule and only land in very particular weather conditions but it rates as one of the world’s most beautiful airport landings and draws tourists and aviation enthusiasts from all over.

  • Gisborne Airport New Zealand

Gisborne Airport is located 4.2km from the city center of Gisborne on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It is unique because it is one of the few airports in the world that has a railway line crossing the main runway. There needs to be impeccable scheduling between the railway and airlines to avoid collisions. In addition to that, it only has one main runway and 3 grass runways. 

  • Princess Juliana International Airport St Marteen 

When an airport has to be built to withstand inclement weather like hurricanes and earthquakes, you should not be surprised if you have a bumpy ride. Not great for nervous passengers who hate turbulence. Landing is also somewhat terrifying not only for the people on the plane but also for any relaxing on Maho beach close by as the plane flies extremely low and passes only 10 – 20 meters above the actual beach and any sunbathing on it.

Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey offers comfort, convenience, and custom hangar space 

If you are looking for an airport that’s comfortable and conveniently located close to New York, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia, look no further than Monmouth Airport. We also offer amenities like hangar space NJ as well as aircraft maintenance NJ  to keep you up in the air and soaring with the eagles.