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Purchasing a new aircraft? Ask our aircraft mechanics for a pre-purchase inspection

Buying an aircraft is a significant commitment and an often lengthy process – even more so when you buying a used airplane.

The average age of the general aviation fleet is about 30 years while the average flight time is over 10, 000 hours and, just like a used vehicle, the older and harder its use, the greater the wear and tear. Even more importantly, the price of aircraft and of replacement parts has increased significantly in the last decade, leading to increased demand for used airplanes and a decrease in maintenance. For these reasons, buyers have increasingly fallen victim to purchasing airplanes which appear to be good value for money while hiding costly problems.

The solution is to insist upon a pre-purchase inspection which allows buyers to withdraw from the sale or insist on reducing the airplanes price tag by an amount equal to the cost of the repairs. This reduces the risk of overspending on your budget, as well as the risk that the airplane may not even meet airworthiness criteria due to faulty equipment or lack of compliance.

The repurchase inspection will differ depending on the type of aircraft, with more complex airplanes and jets requiring a higher level of inspection than airplanes with more simple systems. The tests should be carried out by a qualified authorized inspector (AI) and should generally look at the airplane’s paperwork, engine, empennage, wings, ailerons, flaps, fuselage, landing gear and cockpit.

Comprehensive pre-purchase inspections from qualified airplane mechanics in NJ

At Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey, we offer a wide range of onsite aircraft mechanic services including pre-purchase inspections through our partners, the Marlboro Aircraft Company. We also offer aircraft repair services, restoration and modification services, as well as quote counseling and aircraft hangar rental. For more information on our aircraft mechanic services, please visit our website at www.monmouthjetcenter.com/ or contact us today.