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A Guide to Selecting the Right Airplane Hangars

6 June 2024   General

Airplane hangars are essential to protect the multimillion-dollar investments aircraft owners make when they purchase private jets, prop planes, and helicopters. Monmouth Jet Center is committed to meeting client needs, and our services include leasing out affordable aircraft hangars.

Monmouth Jet Center is a 20-minute helicopter ride or a one-hour drive from the center of Manhattan and is conveniently located for corporate and private airplane hangars. Below our experts share the basics on aircraft hangar space.

Exploring Different Types of Aircraft Hangars and Their Uses

Monmouth Jet Center provides pre-built common-use hangars, t-hangars, and larger aircraft hangers with attached office space. Corporate flight operators, Part 135 operators, and other interested parties can do a build-out in existing buildings or design and build a custom hangar. Let’s look at the different types of aircraft hangars and their uses:

T-hangars: Single-story hangars shaped like a “T” and used for smaller aircraft. 

Box hangars: Rectangular hangars designed to accommodate larger aircraft or multiple smaller aircraft.

Corporate hangars: Custom-designed hangars with amenities such as offices and lounges, accommodating multiple aircraft. 

Helicopter hangars: Specialized hangars solely designed to accommodate helicopters.

Maintenance hangars: Large hangars designed for aircraft repairs and maintenance.

Disaster relief operations often use portable hangars, and military hangars are large with extensive security features. Monmouth Jet Center does not charge a landing fee for military aircraft refueling at the airport.

Designing your Hangar For Optimal Space and Efficiency

Every private airplane hangar is designed to meet the owner’s needs. There are a few essentials to consider when you design a jet hangar. Airplane hangars must adhere to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), local and state building requirements, as well as the design limitations and criteria set by the airport where the hangar is based.  

How can you design jet hangars for optimal space and efficiency? Ensure the hangar area is large enough to allow the aircraft to maneuver in and out of the building. The kind of services you want to offer inside the hangar also affects the design. Corporate flight operators will require office areas, lounges, and restrooms to maintain professional client services. Sustainable design is increasingly incorporated into all building designs, and jet hangar designers should consider how to optimize energy efficiency within the aircraft hangar.

Hangar Space At Monmouth Jet Center

Monmouth Executive Airport is an attractive alternative to crowded New York City, Philadelphia, and Jersey Shore gateway airports. We have a long private runway at over 7300 feet long, and it can accommodate almost all classes of non-commercial jets. Our secondary runway is over 3500 feet long and the ideal runway for all types of small aircraft. Monmouth Jet Center provides first-class amenities, full aviation services, and competitively priced fuel. 

We have ample space for hangars on the Monmouth Jet Center grounds, Contact us today to learn more!