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Private or executive airports vs. commercial airports

15 February 2022   Monmouth Jet Center

If you’ve heard about executive airports you may be wondering: how does an executive airport differ from a commercial airport? Executive airports, also called private airports, generally have different uses and different layouts compared to bigger commercial airports. In this article, our team at Monmouth Jet Center explains how private and executive airports differ from commercial airports, and we discuss how private airports serve as a hub for a number of aviation activities. 

How do private and executive airports differ from commercial airports?

Private and executive airports: 

  • Can accommodate commercial aircraft and private aircraft. Many people who fly private prefer to use executive airports, because they’re quicker and more convenient, and because you can often land in close proximity to your final destination. 
  • Generally have fewer runways than commercial airports. But just because executive airports are smaller doesn’t mean you can expect delays. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many commercial airports rely on private airports to be reliever airports when they experience congestion. 
  • Have a range of amenities for passengers to enjoy while waiting for their flights, including free wifi, catering, a passenger lounge, and more. 
  • Accept cargo flights as well. 

Commercial airports:

  • Are almost exclusively used for larger passenger flights. 
  • Often have many runways and can accommodate more flights on a daily basis than executive airports. 
  • Have a larger selection of shops, restaurants, cafes, and other amenities for passengers to enjoy. 

Private airports serve as a hub for a number of aviation activities

Executive airports aren’t only for passenger flights. At many private airports across the county, you’ll find a number of other aviation activities like private hangar space, aircraft repair services, aircraft cleaning and maintenance, and aircraft charter services. Executive airports are very diverse in their offerings, and for those who frequently fly back and forth between the same destinations, private airports offer the convenience and accessibility they need. 

You can also find flight schools at certain executive airports, because where better to learn how to fly than at an airport? Many private airports offer aviation lessons with highly trained and certified instructors, so if you’ve always dreamed about flying your own plane, you may want to check out our executive airport in Wall Township, NJ. 

If you’d like more information about private or executive airports, please contact our team at Monmouth Jet Center today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Capacity and Delays at New York Airports: The Role of Monmouth

7 September 2021   Monmouth Jet Center

Anyone who has traveled through New York airports has probably experienced capacity issues and delays. Large commercial airports, especially in New York, are notorious for overbooked flights, delays taking off due to lack of runway space, and other congestion issues that disrupt your travel plans and cause major frustrations. 

Many people have discovered the perks of using smaller airports like Monmouth Executive Airport. Located nearby in New Jersey, Monmouth Airport offers a convenient alternative to crowded, hectic New York airports like JFK and LGA, and it’s a short Uber ride away from New York City and surrounding areas. 

Capacity and delays at JFK and LGA

JFK and LGA are two of the busiest airports in the country and consistently rank among the airports with the highest numbers of delays. With domestic and international flights landing around the clock, chances are if you’ve ever flown to or from JFK or LGA, you’ve encountered delays. Larger passenger flights generally take priority over smaller, private planes or hired aircraft. So if you’re looking for alternatives, why not try a general aviation reliever airport like Monmouth?

Role of Monmouth as general aviation reliever airport

A general aviation reliever airport is designed to relieve congestion from major New York airports, which as already mentioned, are the busiest in the country. Monmouth is located nearby in New Jersey and can accommodate larger commercial aircraft as well as smaller personal aircraft, and flight traffic averages around 150 flights per day. We are 5 minutes from the Garden State Parkway (Exit 98), less than 10 minutes from popular Jersey Shore Points and approximately an hour drive from NY, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. Not to mention, our helicopter service to NYC will get you there in 20 minutes.

With an Ideal airport location, full aviation services, and first-class amenities – there’s no better alternative.

Capacity at Monmouth Airport NJ

Spread out over 850 acres and with two full-size runways, Monmouth Executive Airport has on-site hangars and maintenance teams who service aircraft and ensure they’re ready to fly. So whether you’re flying in a private jet or a smaller personal aircraft, avoid the major NYC airports with flight delays and other headaches, and opt instead for a much more convenient option at Monmouth. 

For more information about using Monmouth Executive Airport, or if you have any questions, please contact our team today. Discover why so many people choose us to avoid capacity issues and delays in New York. We look forward to hearing from you.