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World-class jet services offered to operators

2 November 2021   General

At Monmouth Executive Airport, we’re proud to offer world-class jet services to our clients. Flying doesn’t need to be stressful, and we offer operators everything from basic fuel to full concierge service. Conveniently located near New York City and many other popular destinations, Monmouth Jet Center welcomes charter jets, private aircraft, and aircraft operators to use our airport and experience the difference. The level of service you’ll receive with us is unparalleled!

Monmouth offers fast fuel

When charter jets land at a destination, they often need to re-fuel quickly and take off for their next trip. At Monmouth Jet Center, we offer fast refuelling so you can be on your way to your next destination. When you refuel at larger commercial airports you often have to wait in a line, but you won’t need to wait at Monmouth.

Convenience even on short notice

Need an aircraft hangar on short notice? That’s no problem! Many jet operators prefer to use smaller regional airports like Monmouth Jet Center because they’re conveniently located and have available hangar space.

Aircraft de-iced with environmentally-safe fluids

Now that we’re in the winter months, de-icing your aircraft is essential. Unfortunately many de-icing fluids contain harsh chemicals that are damaging to the environment, but at Monmouth Jet Center we only use environmentally-safe de-icing fluid.

Full customs and security clearance facilities

Safety and security is of the utmost importance to us, and we offer full customs and security clearance facilities without the long wait times you’ll encounter at large international airports. You’ll be cleared through security and boarding your flight in no time. 

Ground transportation services

We have on-site rental car services and can arrange a taxi or limousine for you. Monmouth Jet Center is conveniently located near NYC, Philadelphia, and the Jersey Shore, so you can de-plane and be on your way to your destination quickly with your vehicle of choice. 

Aircraft cleaning

Our aircraft maintenance team offers cleaning and repair services to keep your aircraft in top working condition at all times. Keeping planes and jets clean and well maintained is important for safety and for the life of the aircraft. 

In-Flight Catering

Part of traveling on a private jet charter is enjoying the many amenities that come with it, including in-flight catering services. Whether you just need snacks and coffees for a shorter flight, or a full meal service for longer trips, we’ve got you covered with many delicious food and drink options. 

Terminal services

We want you to be as comfortable as possible while waiting in the terminal, which is why we provide WiFi, drinks, snacks, restroom facilities, and a lounge area for your leisure.

For more information about using Monmouth Jet Center, or if you have any questions, please contact our team today or visit our website at: https://monmouthjetcenter.com/

Flight Training for Kids: Young Aviators Club

14 September 2021   Young Aviators Club

Everybody has thought about flying at one point or another. Especially kids who have developed a fascination with toy planes from an early age. Have your children expressed interest in becoming a pilot? At Monmouth Executive Airport, we have flight training for kids through our Young Aviators Club; it’s a great way for children to explore a new interest, gain invaluable skills, and potentially find a future career path! 

We’re passionate about flying and we love sharing that passion with our local community.  With the help of our top-rated flight school instructors, we created the Young Aviators Club to offer a free flying lesson to all children ages 8 – 17, followed by additional lessons and educational courses if your kids are interested. If this sounds like something your kids would enjoy then please get in touch or keep reading to learn more about the Young Aviators Club in NJ. 

History of the Young Aviators Club

Several years ago we formed a partnership with the Wall Township community in New Jersey, which is located just minutes away from Monmouth Executive Airport. In order to share our passion for flying, we offer one free flying lesson for all local kids between ages 8 and 17, accompanied and supervised by a fully-licensed flight instructor. 

A great alternative to traditional summer camp, our flight school gives children a chance to try something new and exciting. Young flyers can fulfill their dreams of soaring through the sky, and we also offer full scholarships to select children in order to complete their VFR rating. 

What to expect at The Young Aviators Club?

The first lesson starts outside the aircraft and takes place entirely on the ground. We walk our young flyers around the outside of the aircraft, teaching them the components and their functions during flight. We then tour the inside of the aircraft to do the same.

Once all safety procedures have been carried out, it’s time to take to the skies! Our fully-licensed flight instructors will guide our young learners up into the air, helping them pilot their very first flight. It’s a thrill they will never forget. 

For more information about the Young Aviators Club at Monmouth Airport, or if you have any questions, please contact our team today. Discover why so many families enroll their children in flight training for kids – we know they’ll have a blast! We look forward to hearing from you.