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Day Trips From Monmouth

4 April 2023   Charter Flights

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer, so it’s the perfect time to start planning some day trips. Monmouth Jet Center is the perfect executive airport for shorter day trips in and around New Jersey, and we offer a range of services including hangar space, private jet maintenance, passenger amenities including a lounge, and not to mention the convenient location. Here are some of our favorite day trips. 

New York City

Who doesn’t love New York City, especially in the springtime? Flying from Monmouth Jet Center to NYC takes less than an hour, and before you know it you’ll be in the Big Apple enjoying the hustle and bustle. Whether you want to pop into NYC for a fun day of shopping, or to catch a Broadway show, or to sight-see at some of the most famous destinations in the world, you can get there easily via Monmouth Jet Center. 


If you love history then you’ll have plenty to do and see in Philadelphia, which is the first World Heritage City in the United States. Philadelphia is perfect for a day trip or a quick weekend trip to see the sights, including:

  • The Liberty Bell
  • The steps from the classic movie Rocky, along with the Rocky statue
  • Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the United States Constitution was created
  • The famous LOVE sculpture by artist Robert Indiana
  • Reading Terminal Market, one of America’s oldest farmers markets

Block Island

Block Island is a beautiful island located 17 miles south of Rhode Island. It’s famous for its miles of beautiful public beaches, clear waters, dramatic bluffs, and its preserved natural beauty. Animal lovers will want to visit the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, where you can see migratory songbirds, and architecture enthusiasts will enjoy the island’s two lighthouses – one on the North end and one on the South end. If you’re craving a peaceful, scenic beach getaway where you can escape your everyday hustle and bustle, Block Island is an ideal destination for you. 

The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore has so much to offer for families, couples, and those who enjoy traveling solo, and you don’t need to wait until the summer to visit. Take a stroll down the two famous boardwalks, Ocean City Boardwalk and Atlantic City Boardwalk, then visit the Cape May Lighthouse. Cape May Beach and Wildwood Beach attract thousands of visitors a year, and we know you’ll enjoy the dozens of miles of beautiful coastline and soothing ocean waters. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the Cape May County Park and Zoo, and there’s even a Jersey Shore Alpaca Park where you can get up close and personal with the alpacas. 

At Monmouth Jet Center we provide private jet maintenance, hangar space, and much more. We are conveniently located in close proximity to several excellent day trip destinations, and our executive airport is much less hassle than a large commercial airport. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Monmouth Jet Center – A Vacation Destination

9 August 2022   Monmouth Jet Center

Summer is in full swing and you’re probably dreaming about your upcoming summer vacation. If you’re on the East Coast, the Jersey Shore is an incredibly popular vacation destination, and for good reason. The famous boardwalk, amusement parks, the beautiful beaches, the sunny skies, and the plentiful restaurants and cafes make the Jersey Shore an excellent destination for people of all ages, whether you’re traveling solo or with your family. 

Monmouth Jet Center is conveniently located near the Jersey Shore, and our airport is ready to welcome you and your family as you kick off your well-deserved summer vacation. Learn a little bit about the history of the Jersey Shore below, as well as why it’s best to use our airport for your summer vacation travels. 

History and Upcoming Events 

The Jersey Shore has a rich history that dates all the way back to the 1600s, but it became a popular tourist destination with the construction of its boardwalk in Atlantic City in 1870. Originally the boardwalk was built simply to separate the sand from getting into hotels and railroad cars, but it quickly evolved into a tourist attraction that drew visitors from around the world.

With the addition of luxury resorts, amusement park-style rides, carnival games, eating and drinking establishments, and casinos, Atlantic City quickly became the most popular destination on the Jersey Shore. Families brought their children to see the bright carnival lights, couples came to enjoy romantic strolls on the beach, and people from all over the world were eager to experience the excitement. 

Today there are many events at the Jersey Shore for people of all ages. During the month of August there is a regular farmer’s market, family fun nights, Monday night movies on the beach, funtastic Tuesdays, family movie night under the stars, dune walks, acoustic open mic nights, and much more. You can see a full calendar of Jersey Shore events here

Monmouth Jet Center is in a Prime Location

Rather than flying into a large commercial airport in NYC or New Jersey, why not take advantage of a smaller regional airport like Monmouth Jet Center? You’re undoubtedly eager to get your vacation started, and commercial airports often have delays, especially during the busy summer months. When you fly into and out of Monmouth, you’ll quickly be on your way to your destination, and we’re conveniently located near the Jersey Shore, and just an hour’s drive away from NYC. 

Avoid flight delays, cancellations, sitting on the runway for hours on end, never-ending security lines, and lost luggage – problems you’ll encounter frequently at large, commercial airports. Once you land you’ll be on your way to the Jersey Shore in no time.

If you’d like more information about using Monmouth Jet Center for your trip to the Jersey Shore, or if you have any questions, please contact our team today.