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Business Aviation Trends for 2021

7 January 2021   General

The aviation industry went through a lot of ups and downs in 2020, and here at Monmouth Executive Airport we’ve been carefully watching the industry to understand what trends we’ll be seeing throughout 2021. Business travel via private jet is convenient, quick, and more affordable than it’s been in the past, so with that in mind, here are several business aviation trends we expect to see in 2021:

  • We’ll see more first-time business travelers using private jets.
    After experiencing a year filled with travel disruptions, executives will want to take advantage of how convenient it is to travel via private jet, especially given their busy schedules. We also anticipate executives wanting to connect in person once it’s safe to do so.
  • An enhanced focus on hygiene and cleanliness. Hygiene has always been important to the aviation industry, especially when there are so many people in a small space. Given the fact that private jets allow business travelers to avoid crowded terminals and cramped airplane seating, we expect executives will prefer flying private for increased comfort and peace of mind.
  • Increased demand due to flexibility. The pandemic has proven that travel is one of the things people miss the most, and whether for business or leisure, private jets are more readily available and offer more options than commercial flights. Business travelers often have strict schedules and require a jet in last-minute situations, so we expect to see increased demand from executives.
  • An increased focus on client experience and retention. With a predicted increase in demand, companies will be going above and beyond to ensure private flyers have a seamless experience and keep coming back. Business travelers who require private jets with flexible schedules just might become regular clients in 2021. 

Are you ready to learn to fly? 

One thing we learned in 2020 is that we shouldn’t delay pursuing our interests and our passions. Many people are interested in taking flying lessons, but simply haven’t gotten around to it yet. If this sounds familiar, then now is the time to pursue your dream of getting up in the air! At Monmouth Executive Airport we have a world-class flight school for people of all ages and experience levels, and we love sharing the excitement that comes from soaring through the sky. 

For more information about Monmouth Executive Airport, or if you’d like to find out more about our flying school, please feel free to contact us today. 

Post-COVID 19 air travel

7 September 2020   Monmouth Jet Center

The Coronavirus pandemic has left many wondering how and when they will be able to safely travel and visit friends and family that live overseas. Although some domestic airlines are operating again, safety and social distancing are a valid concern and may prove to be quite difficult to implement in busy airport terminals and oftentimes tightly packed commercial planes with small seats and little legroom, to say the least.

Many believe that technology like biometrics might become the new normal at check-ins and security points as it helps to avoid human-to-human contact and the handling of documents back and forth and thus the spreading of germs. Facial recognition as well as fingerprint and eye-scan technology could prove to be the way forward to assist in maintaining social distancing at airports and may also allow for the faster processing of passengers through airport terminals. 

Time is money and the time spent to board a commercial aircraft post-COVID 19 could be lengthy considering all the new health and safety protocols that airlines and airports will have to implement. That’s why private aviation is so appealing. 

4 reasons why private aviation saves time and poses fewer risks

  • Passengers boarding a private jet spend a lot less time at the airport because the average time from arriving at the airport to boarding your charter plane is less than 15 minutes.
  • Fewer people at the airport mean fewer health and safety procedures thus saving you time, and if we may state the obvious, far fewer passengers on your plane.
  • No queues at immigration, fewer shops (if any) and no need for baggage to be labeled at the check-in counter all mean less human interaction and fewer safety risks for those who simply cannot afford to get sick or who may be in a high-risk category should they get sick from the Coronavirus.
  • Chartering a private jet at Monmouth Jet Center also means you can fly at your own schedule because smaller jets fly faster and higher than commercial airlines and so their flight paths are more direct and they do not compete with larger airlines for airspace. 

Monmouth Executive airport offers low-risk travel solutions, custom hangar space in NJ as well as a flight school in NJ

You can even learn to fly NJ at Monmouth airport in New Jersey which is conveniently located just outside of crowded NY area airspace making it one of the safest places to learn to fly and one of the top flight schools in NJ. Enjoy some flying lessons in NJ and experience the thrill of learning to fly NJ in uncrowded airspace and beautiful surroundings. 

Making History: The Most Important Moments in Flight

2 July 2020   Learn to Fly

At Monmouth Executive Airport we’re passionate about flying, and we love sharing amazing moments from flight history. Ever since the Wright brothers successfully flew the first aircraft in December of 1903, so many incredible achievements have been made. Here are just a few of the significant moments in flight history:


  • In 1911, Harriet Quimby became the first licensed female pilot in the US
  • In May 1927, Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo nonstop Trans-Atlantic flight from Long Island, New York to Paris, France
  • In 1958, Pan American became the first airline to offer commercial flights across the Atlantic, flying from New York to Paris. This marked the beginning of long-haul passenger flights
  • In 1969, the legendary Boeing 747 first took to the skies. This aircraft, which is still used today, made travel accessible to millions of people around the world and even changed the way that airports were designed
  • Another big moment in 1969 was when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first men to walk on the moon, an achievement that was observed and celebrated around the world
  • In 1984, NASA launched Space Shuttle Discovery, which remained active until 2011 
  • In 2017, pilot Barrington Irving became the youngest person to make a solo flight around the world at just 25 years old

Are you interested in flying lessons?

Thousands of people across the country are drawn to flying because of the thrill, the excitement, and nothing quite compares to the feeling of being up in the air. At Monmouth Airport we are proud to offer flying lessons in NJ for those who want to experience the freedom, and our talented instructors have been guiding people through the skies for more than 20 years now. 

At our flight school in NJ we welcome people of all ages and all abilities to discover your passion for flying. We are located in an uncrowded area that provides us with a safe and stress-free environment for everyone, from beginners to our more experienced flyers. 

Some people think you need your own aircraft to take flying lessons, or to obtain your pilot’s license, but that certainly isn’t the case. There are many aircraft rental companies, including one right here at Monmouth Airport, that offer private plane rentals at affordable rates, meaning you can rent a plane at your own convenience. Whether it’s a two-day trip down the coast or a longer vacation, renting a plane has never been easier. 

Get more information about our flight school in NJ 

Whether you’re ready to learn to fly in NJ, or you’re still in the information-gathering stage, please contact us today and our team will be happy to answer all of your questions. We welcome to you experience the unparalleled sense of freedom that flying provides. Our flight school in NJ is ready for you!

Top 5 Reasons People Learn to Fly

14 April 2020   Learn to Fly

Throughout history, every society has looked to the skies for inspiration, freedom, and the next big adventure. But, what makes some people actually take that leap to become pilots? Here are some of the most popular reasons for learning to fly and joining this exclusive community.

A Career Full of Opportunities: 

There’s currently a massive pilot shortage, not only in the USA but also globally. This is thanks to the increasing demand for private and commercial air travel. In fact, the International Air Transport Association is predicting that air travel will double in the next 20 years. There is also a large generation of pilots now reaching retirement age, and these two factors combined make becoming a pilot a very good career choice. Not only are employers actively seeking you out, but they also want you to climb the ladder and get all the right experience to take you to the top of the industry.

A Chance to Help Others: 

Many people also become pilots in order to help those in need, whether they want to fly aircraft to deliver aid and military support, fight fires or rescue people who have become injured or stranded. This is a demanding and challenging job, but it offers incredible rewards to those who take this extraordinary path.

A Love of Technology and Innovation: 

If you have a love for cutting-edge technology, the aircraft industry is one of the most exciting and innovative places to be! Whether you want to work in the military as a test pilot with next-generation equipment or in the commercial and private flight industry where jets are getting faster and more advanced every year, there’s a lot of options available to you to experience the best tech in the world as a pilot.

A Desire to Teach: 

Many pilots have a passion for what they do – and that’s not something that everyone can say about their job or their industry. A lot of people learn to fly in order to pass on their appreciation for these skills to the next generation. It’s a teaching job like no other and lets you explore your hobby and passion at the same time!

A Love of Excitement, Freedom, and Exploration:

This is the ultimate reason why almost anyone learns to fly – their love of adventure and the sheer freedom you experience up in the clouds. Whether you become a pilot as an amateur to enjoy your hobby and explore the world or turn this hobby into a career as a professional or private pilot, it’s a skill that you can be sure will always take you places!

Become Part of the Flying Community – Join Our Flight School in NJ at Monmouth Executive Airport 

There is a shortage of pilots in the industry. So, if being a professional pilot sounds like the job for you then there will be no shortage of employment, excitement, and lots of opportunities for your career to soar. Your journey starts with getting your pilot’s license at a top flying school in NJ like Monmouth Executive Airport. 

We have our own FAA certified A&P/IA on the premises and our location outside of the crowded New York area airspace designations means that you get to experience clear, uncrowded skies as you learn to fly. Our classes and lessons are led by experienced and fully certified flight instructors dedicated to helping you achieve your dream.

For more information about flying lessons and how to learn to fly, please join our Young Aviator’s Club, visit our website at https://monmouthjetcenter.com/ or contact us today.

These Are the Fastest Private Jets in the World

Private jets fall into a wide range of categories. Some are the most luxurious or have the best tech, others can fly further or carry more guests – and some are known for their sheer speed. Here are some of the fastest private jets in the world, from Monmouth Executive Airport’s flight school in NJ.

Bombardier Challenger 650 

Cruising at 554 mph, this is a private jet known for its maneuverability as well as its speed, making it a favorite for city-to-city commutes – especially where runway accessibility is a challenge. It seats 12 people, offers impressively low operating costs and the fastest internet speeds available on private jets, making it a popular choice for corporate flights.

Dassault Falcon 900

Reaching Mach 0.84 with a cruise speed of 590 mph, this French aircraft is as elegant as it is speedy. It also has an impressive range of 4.000 nautical miles, ideal for cross-country journeys. Despite 3 powerful jet engines, this aircraft is surprisingly light at just under 31.000 lbs thanks to the use of carbon fiber and Kevlar in the manufacture of the fuselage, which also makes it economical to fly. That doesn’t mean corners have been cut when it comes to comfort however. The aircraft is incredibly quiet, with a luxuriously-designed interior.

Gulfstream G500 and G600 

These aircraft offer everything you could want in a larger private jet, from seating for up to 19 people and long-range flight of up to 7.130 miles without stopping to its impressive cruising speed of 610 mph. It has a large and luxurious cabin of almost 42 feet and 45 ft respectively, a high-tech flight deck, and it boasts the lowest cabin sound levels on the market.

Cessna Citation X+ 

Reaching astonishing speeds of up to Mach 0.935 (617 mph), this is currently the world’s fastest private jet. It features two Rolls-Royce engines, a futuristic glass cockpit, and a Honeywell avionics system. Seating 12 passengers in a luxuriously appointed cabin, this aircraft is as much about comfort and glamour as it is about speed, fuel-efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.

Learn to Fly and Take to the Skies in the World’s Fastest Private Jets 

If you dream of taking to the skies as a pilot and using the latest in aviation design and technology, Monmouth Executive Airport’s flight school in NJ is the place to be. 

We have our own FAA certified A&P/IA on the premises. The airport’s location outside of the crowded New York area airspace designations means that you get to experience clear, uncrowded skies as you learn to fly. Our classes and flying lessons are led by experienced and fully certified flight instructors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream. We also offer memberships to the Monmouth Executive Airport Young Aviators Club for all children interested in learning to fly.

For more information about flying lessons and how to learn to fly at flight schools in NJ, please visit our website at free grammar checker or contact us today.