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Flight School 101: What You Need To Know

8 April 2024   Learn to Fly

Do you want to take flying lessons in NJ? Monmouth Jet Center, based at Monmouth Executive Airport (IATA: BLM, ICAO: KBLM, FAA LID: BLM) in Wall Township, NJ, has a highly reputable flight school on the grounds. Eagles View Aviation Flight School began flight lessons in 1993 and over the last 20 years, Eagles View Flight School has logged over 68 thousand flight instruction and rental hours. 

We are proud of our flight training colleagues, but how do you select the best flight school? Research whether they provide the type of flying you want and how serious they are about safety in training. Read the flight school reviews. We discuss here what it takes to be a pilot, training location choices, costs, and why you should learn to fly at Monmouth. 

What Does It Take to Be a Pilot 

Once you completed your flight school research and selected the best school for your purposes, you must pass the pilot medical exams and apply for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) student pilot certificate with the assistance of your flight instructor. 

How old do you have to be to take flying lessons? To get the student pilot certificate, you must be at least 16 years old and read, speak, and understand English. You don’t need the certificate to take flying lessons, but you will need it to fly solo. The exciting part starts now – taking flying lessons! Before receiving private pilot certification, you must pass the private pilot knowledge test and private pilot practical exam. Besides passing the exams, you also need a minimum of 40 hours of flight time to receive private pilot certification.

Consider the Flight School Location and Airspace 

Whether you are planning to take full-time or part-time lessons location matters. Depending on your schedule you might want to consider a flight school close to home to minimize transport costs. another thing to consider about the location are the local weather conditions since it will determine how often you can fly. Another thing to consider is the airspace. As a student pilot, it is best to learn to fly in uncrowded airspace. This means you can practice take-offs and landings easier, and get more confident in your skill before trying at a busier or tower-operated airspace.

Can You Afford the Flight Training Costs?  

The reality is that it is expensive to become a pilot. Before finalizing your flight school choice, enquire what is included in the flying lessons cost. Do they cover fuel, ground school, exams, FAA and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) fees? The specific flight training costs depend on the type of license you want, the location and duration of your training, and the type of training aircraft you are using, to name a few expenses.

Learn to Fly at Monmouth   

Monmouth might be one of the safest and stress-free places to take flying lessons. We are outside the NY area class B airspace and one-mile outside mode C airspace. What does this mean for you? Your lessons take place in a low-traffic airspace corridor. At over 7300 feet long, our main runway can handle almost all classes of non-commercial jets and is a perfect space for new pilots to practice take offs and landings. 

Did you know Monmouth Jet Center has a Monmouth Executive Airport Young Aviators Club? We want to encourage future aviators and offer one complimentary introductory flight lesson to any child between the ages of 8 and 17 living in Wall Township, NJ. Children get a First Flight Certificate. It might be the start of an exciting aviation career!

Are you ready to start at the Monmouth Executive Airport flight school after reading our Flight School 101? Don’t hesitate to contact Monmouth Jet Center if you want to take flying lessons in NJ!