Tag Archives: Hybrid-electric private jets are set to start their testing phase this year. Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ takes a look at how this tech works and the possible benefits!

Is the Future of Private Jets Electric?

27 May 2019   Hangar Space

We’ve all heard of electric cars and the impressive benefits they’ll have for road users and the environment, but are private jets heading in the same direction? Here’s some insight from Monmouth Executive Airport.

Last year, a pioneering electronic aviation company backed by Boeing and JetBlue called Zunum Aero partnered with Jetsuite, Inc (a private aviation company) to provide a fleet of up to 100 hybrid-to-electric aircraft by 2022.

What Does the Zunum Aero Aircraft Feature?

  • A cockpit manned by human pilot or drone.
  • Technology similar to that seen in a Prius, with Tesla-like modular batteries on the wings that provide power.
  • The aircraft also features gas-powered turbines connected to a generator as a means of providing additional power to the batteries while in flight.
  • The batteries won’t mean a long time spent at airports while charging takes place. They’re simply swapped out for fresh ones before takeoff. This means faster turnaround times of just 10 minutes.
  • These aircraft are quieter, thanks to electric power, and require 40% less runway than larger aircraft, making smaller private airports more accessible for travelers.
  • Electric power makes these aircraft a more environmentally-friendly choice for businesses, owners and charter companies.
  • The use of electricity over aviation fuel also results in cost-savings for passengers, making private flying more accessible and more affordable to business and leisure traveler.

These aircraft are set to start testing this year and are sure to add a lot of exciting potential to the private jet industry!

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