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How to Pay for Flight School: Scholarships, Loans, & Grants

20 May 2024   Learn to Fly

Are you wondering how to pay for flight school? Do you or your child dream of being a pilot? Monmouth Jet Center at Monmouth Executive Airport in Wall Township, NJ, has a highly reputable flight school on the grounds. Eagles View Aviation Flight School began flight lessons in 1993 and provides flight instruction for students from 8 to 78 years of age. 

Has your child shown an interest in attending flight school, but you want to make sure it is truly what they want? Are they Wall Township residents between the ages of 8 to 17? Monmouth Executive Airport offers one complimentary introductory flight lesson in a Cessna aircraft with Eagles View Aviation. The future pilot will also receive a First Flight Certificate. 

Flight training is expensive, but there are ways to reach the dream. We share more information on ways you can pay for pilot school. 

Flight Training Scholarships and Application Strategies  

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) shares a list of more than fifteen industry and regional flight training scholarships you can apply for. The association itself offers scholarships to AOPA members who are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents. These scholarships can be used for primary flight training, advanced ratings/certificates, aviation maintenance training, and more. If your child is still in high school and interested in an aviation or aerospace career, they could request that the free AOPA Foundation High School STEM Curriculum be offered in their school or district. 

What tips do AOPA offer to make your scholarship application stand out?

  • Read the application carefully and complete it in full.
  • Show how well-rounded you are outside of aviation.
  • Give your references enough time to write a great recommendation.
  • Share how else you are going to fund your flight training.
  • Describe your long-term aviation goals. 

Exploring Loans for Flight Training  

Taking out loans for flight training is an option once all other avenues have been exhausted. Loans, credit cards, and other formal financing options carry high-interest rates, but if you feel comfortable with the expense, it can get you on a plane and in the air as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to talk to others about your passion. You might find a payment method you have not considered. 

Flight Training Grants 

Flight training grants are available, though limited. Consider grants such as the Pell Grant to pay for your education while you source other funds for flight school. The Federal Student Aid Pell Grant is free, and you can use it to help pay for the flight training you do in conjunction with a degree. Unfortunately, you cannot use it for pilot training alone. If your parent died while serving on active duty in the U.S. armed forces or as a public safety officer, you may be eligible for additional Pell Grant funds to help with your education.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation Workforce Development Grant is designed to prepare students to become aircraft pilots, aerospace engineers, or unmanned aircraft systems operators and support the related professional development of teachers.

Sponsored Flight Training Opportunities  

Many established airlines offer sponsored flight training opportunities to aspiring pilots. United Airlines has Aviate, a pilot career development program offering future and established pilots the most direct path to ultimately flying United Airlines aircraft. The program matches pilots of different experience levels, making it easy to share knowledge. Participants can enter a coaching program and receive mentorship from United pilots.

Are you ready to start at the Monmouth Executive Airport, Eagles View Flight School in NJ? Don’t hesitate to contact Monmouth Jet Center once you determine how to pay for flight school. We look forward to seeing you succeed!