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Day Trips From Monmouth

4 April 2023   Charter Flights

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer, so it’s the perfect time to start planning some day trips. Monmouth Jet Center is the perfect executive airport for shorter day trips in and around New Jersey, and we offer a range of services including hangar space, private jet maintenance, passenger amenities including a lounge, and not to mention the convenient location. Here are some of our favorite day trips. 

New York City

Who doesn’t love New York City, especially in the springtime? Flying from Monmouth Jet Center to NYC takes less than an hour, and before you know it you’ll be in the Big Apple enjoying the hustle and bustle. Whether you want to pop into NYC for a fun day of shopping, or to catch a Broadway show, or to sight-see at some of the most famous destinations in the world, you can get there easily via Monmouth Jet Center. 


If you love history then you’ll have plenty to do and see in Philadelphia, which is the first World Heritage City in the United States. Philadelphia is perfect for a day trip or a quick weekend trip to see the sights, including:

  • The Liberty Bell
  • The steps from the classic movie Rocky, along with the Rocky statue
  • Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the United States Constitution was created
  • The famous LOVE sculpture by artist Robert Indiana
  • Reading Terminal Market, one of America’s oldest farmers markets

Block Island

Block Island is a beautiful island located 17 miles south of Rhode Island. It’s famous for its miles of beautiful public beaches, clear waters, dramatic bluffs, and its preserved natural beauty. Animal lovers will want to visit the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, where you can see migratory songbirds, and architecture enthusiasts will enjoy the island’s two lighthouses – one on the North end and one on the South end. If you’re craving a peaceful, scenic beach getaway where you can escape your everyday hustle and bustle, Block Island is an ideal destination for you. 

The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore has so much to offer for families, couples, and those who enjoy traveling solo, and you don’t need to wait until the summer to visit. Take a stroll down the two famous boardwalks, Ocean City Boardwalk and Atlantic City Boardwalk, then visit the Cape May Lighthouse. Cape May Beach and Wildwood Beach attract thousands of visitors a year, and we know you’ll enjoy the dozens of miles of beautiful coastline and soothing ocean waters. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the Cape May County Park and Zoo, and there’s even a Jersey Shore Alpaca Park where you can get up close and personal with the alpacas. 

At Monmouth Jet Center we provide private jet maintenance, hangar space, and much more. We are conveniently located in close proximity to several excellent day trip destinations, and our executive airport is much less hassle than a large commercial airport. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Top 5 Reasons People Learn to Fly

14 April 2020   Learn to Fly

Throughout history, every society has looked to the skies for inspiration, freedom, and the next big adventure. But, what makes some people actually take that leap to become pilots? Here are some of the most popular reasons for learning to fly and joining this exclusive community.

A Career Full of Opportunities: 

There’s currently a massive pilot shortage, not only in the USA but also globally. This is thanks to the increasing demand for private and commercial air travel. In fact, the International Air Transport Association is predicting that air travel will double in the next 20 years. There is also a large generation of pilots now reaching retirement age, and these two factors combined make becoming a pilot a very good career choice. Not only are employers actively seeking you out, but they also want you to climb the ladder and get all the right experience to take you to the top of the industry.

A Chance to Help Others: 

Many people also become pilots in order to help those in need, whether they want to fly aircraft to deliver aid and military support, fight fires or rescue people who have become injured or stranded. This is a demanding and challenging job, but it offers incredible rewards to those who take this extraordinary path.

A Love of Technology and Innovation: 

If you have a love for cutting-edge technology, the aircraft industry is one of the most exciting and innovative places to be! Whether you want to work in the military as a test pilot with next-generation equipment or in the commercial and private flight industry where jets are getting faster and more advanced every year, there’s a lot of options available to you to experience the best tech in the world as a pilot.

A Desire to Teach: 

Many pilots have a passion for what they do – and that’s not something that everyone can say about their job or their industry. A lot of people learn to fly in order to pass on their appreciation for these skills to the next generation. It’s a teaching job like no other and lets you explore your hobby and passion at the same time!

A Love of Excitement, Freedom, and Exploration:

This is the ultimate reason why almost anyone learns to fly – their love of adventure and the sheer freedom you experience up in the clouds. Whether you become a pilot as an amateur to enjoy your hobby and explore the world or turn this hobby into a career as a professional or private pilot, it’s a skill that you can be sure will always take you places!

Become Part of the Flying Community – Join Our Flight School in NJ at Monmouth Executive Airport 

There is a shortage of pilots in the industry. So, if being a professional pilot sounds like the job for you then there will be no shortage of employment, excitement, and lots of opportunities for your career to soar. Your journey starts with getting your pilot’s license at a top flying school in NJ like Monmouth Executive Airport. 

We have our own FAA certified A&P/IA on the premises and our location outside of the crowded New York area airspace designations means that you get to experience clear, uncrowded skies as you learn to fly. Our classes and lessons are led by experienced and fully certified flight instructors dedicated to helping you achieve your dream.

For more information about flying lessons and how to learn to fly, please join our Young Aviator’s Club, visit our website at https://monmouthjetcenter.com/ or contact us today.

Confidence in US private jet industry continues to increase in 2018!

22 January 2018   Hangar Space

Business is booming for the private jet and aviation industry, and a recent study by Victor has revealed some interesting trends that show how the industry is evolving – and what operators have to look forward to in 2018. Here are some interesting insights from the team at Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ.

Bigger jets, exotic locations and unique travel plans 

The Victor report, which focused on US booking trends for 2016, showed that there was a significant increase in demand for larger-capacity jets for long-haul journeys to more adventurous locations. In fact, bookings for big private jets like the Gulfstream IV and Bombardier Global 600 experienced a 98% increase in bookings.

This is also reflected in their consumer behavior findings that revealed an unprecedented 82% of route pairings booked through Victor were unique – showing that journeys weren’t being repeated. Instead, clients were choosing to vary their destinations and even favor more unusual travel locations off the beaten path.

The most popular jets and the most popular destinations

So, what private jets do travelers prefer? The Gulfstream IV, Hawker 800XP, Phenonm 100 and Hawker 400XP all ranked in the top 5, but the ever-popular Citation CJ3, CJ2 and Learjet 60 all ranked in the top 10 as well.

As for where they were going, the top ten destinations for private jet travel included London (UK), Nice (France), Male (Maldives), Zurich (Switzerland), Ibiza (Spain), and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). More locally, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Havana, and San Jose Del Cabo ranked highly.

Fly from Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ – To the world 

Monmouth Executive Airport offers the perfect start to any journey, whether it’s to the next state or across to exotic destinations. With the largest private runway in the country, we can handle even the largest private jets with ease, as well as helicopters, smaller jets and piston aircraft.

In addition, we offer hangar space for rent as well as the opportunity to build your own custom hangar space. Our FBO services are extensive and we include on-site aircraft maintenance and repair services, de-icing services, 24-hour lavatory services, aviation fuel loyalty programs and more.

For more information about Monmouth Airport or aircraft hangars in NJ, please contact us or visit our website at https://monmouthjetcenter.com/ today.

7 interesting career paths in the aviation industry

8 January 2018   Learn to Fly

New Year is all about new opportunities, and the aviation industry has a lot to offer. Here are some insights into inspirational aviation careers from Monmouth Executive Airport that offer prestige, great benefits and excitement, for your inspiration.

  1. Cabin Crew: Members of the cabin crew have a demanding position that requires a strong sense of responsibility, a cool head under pressure, and the ability to keep a smile on their face – at all times. In addition to ensuring that clients and guests have a comfortable flight, cabin crew are also involved in safety procedures. You also get to travel around the country or around the world, so it’s a great choice for anyone with a sense of adventure!
  2. Aircraft Maintenance Crew: An integral part of the aviation industry, these specialists focus on the machinery of the aircraft itself, performing repairs and routine maintenance to ensure a safe flight.
  3. Airline Operations Agents: This is a role that is ideal for people with strong administrative experience and organizational skills, as it’s all about tracking the number of passengers, their luggage and how it is stowed, and the aircraft’s fuel.
  4. Flight Dispatcher: Dispatchers share the responsibility of the safety of the flight with the airline captain, and work from the operations office. Their job is to evaluate flight data, weather data, and more to determine if a flight should proceed or not.
  5. Aviation Meteorologist: Weather has a huge impact on the air travel industry, and it is up to aviation meteorologists to evaluate weather data, make accurate weather forecasts across the flight path at all altitudes, and provide this information to flight dispatchers and pilots. This information will determine flight paths and if a flight will be cancelled or grounded.
  6. Flight Instructor: Instructors are responsible for training new pilots as well as keeping current pilots up-to-date with new training programs. They are often senior pilots and have experience flying a range of aircraft, from small training aircraft to huge liners.
  7. Pilot: Pilots have a range of career options open to them that are accessible through different training programs and certifications, from becoming a flight instructor or private jet pilot, to working towards becoming a captain of a major international airliner.

Learn to fly at one of the top flight schools in NJ! 

If you have set your sights on becoming a pilot, Monmouth Airport’s flight school in NJ is the place to be. Start training in the new year and you’ll soon be on your way to a sky-high career!

We have our own FAA certified A&P/IA on premises and our location outside of the crowded New York area airspace designations means that you get to experience clear, uncrowded skies as you learn to fly.

For more information about flying lessons and how to learn to fly, please visit our website at https://monmouthjetcenter.com/ or contact us today.

How To Build Your Career As A Pilot

18 December 2017   Learn to Fly

The festive season is all about making dreams come true, so it’s the perfect time to start putting your career plans to become a pilot into action! There’s more demand for private and commercial pilots than ever before, so follow these essential steps from Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ, and take to the skies.

Complete pilot training at a reputable flight school 

The FAA (Federal Aviation Association) offers several types of pilot’s licenses which determine what kind of aircraft you will be qualified to fly. This includes private pilot, recreational pilot, commercial pilot and sports pilot certifications. Be sure to choose a flight school that is FAA-certified where you will learn from qualified, experienced instructors.

Earn your private pilot’s license 

This is the perfect starting point for your career, and by achieving a set amount of 40 flying hours, passing examinations and demonstrating your skills and knowledge to your flight instructor, you’ll meet the requirements for this license.

You’ll also have to be over the age of 17, and be medically cleared by an FAA medical exam.

Earn your commercial pilot’s license 

This is an additional license that qualifies you to fly commercial aircraft. You need to be over the age of 18, pass a physical exam that includes an eye test, and have logbook endorsements from an authorized instructor to support your level of flying experience. You’ll need to have 150 hours of flight time with 50 hours being as Pilot in Command, be able to demonstrate the required mathematical and aeronautical expertise, and have strong written and oral English language skills.

Get experience in the air 

While the abovementioned licenses qualify you to fly a commercial aircraft, it’s your experience in the air that will determine your career progress, as entry level jobs are very competitive. One way to do this is to qualify for a Certified Flight Instructor’s certificate and work for a few years gaining experience and training new pilots. Other popular options include flying as a banner-towing pilot, for skydivers or for sight-seeing experiences before moving into roles at regional airlines.

Take your exciting first step with Monmouth Airport’s flight school in NJ! 

When it comes to choosing from the best flight schools in New Jersey, experience is everything. Our flight school has over 20 years of pilot training experience in training professional and amateur pilots in a range of 10 different aircraft, as well as logging over 68,000 flight instruction and rental hours.

We have our own FAA certified A&P/IA on premises and our location outside of the crowded New York area airspace designations means that you get to enjoy scenic open skies as you learn to fly.

For more information about our flight school and flying lessons in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website at https://monmouthjetcenter.com/