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This Summer Trade in Your Commuting Woes for Speed & Luxury

22 May 2015   Around the Airport

If you commute to NYC then you know all about traffic, tolls and monotonous views of concrete. Not to mention all that time spent cramped in a car or train. It can be grueling to say the least!

But what if there was a way to upgrade your commuting experience?

This summer, the Monmouth Jet Center at the Monmouth Executive Airport, has teamed up with Gotham Air to do just that. An excerpt from an interview with our very own Ruthie Stoakes regarding this exciting partnership was recently published in the Asbury Park Press.

Gotham Air’s helicopter charter service will be shuttling commuters from Monmouth Executive Airport in Wall to the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, about three blocks away from Wall Street in approximately 14 minutes. All with beautiful views of the NJ coastline and Manhattan.

This luxury charter service is set to begin Memorial Day and run until Labor Day.The helicopters seat six passengers and go from the ground to airborne and traveling 150 mph in about 90 seconds. With speeds like that you can trade in your commuting woes and cut your commuting time down to a mere fraction of what it normally takes.

If you are dreading the thought of another tedious commute then maybe its time to upgrade? For more information regarding Gotham Air’s helicopter charter service at Monmouth Jet Center this summer, click here.

At Monmouth Jet Center, we are dedicated to becoming a world-class jet center. Now more than ever, we are your gateway to the Jersey Shore and the greater New Jersey and New York Area.