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The Benefits of Renting a Hangar Space for Your Private Jet

26 April 2024   Private Jet Travel

Is your business interested in renting a hangar in NJ for the private jet? Monmouth Jet Center (MJC) at Monmouth Executive Airport (ICAO: KBLM) has just what you need. We are conveniently located outside “Class B” airspace, a 20-minute helicopter ride or a one-hour drive from the center of Manhattan, and offer 24/7 operations. 

Monmouth Jet Center has available hangar space, including options with office space for corporate flight operations. We are an attractive alternative jetport to Teterboro and Morristown. Why purchase a hangar with its accompanying management responsibilities, when you can rent one and focus on your core business? In this article, we discuss the benefits of renting a hangar.

It Is Accessible and Convenient 

In business, time is money. As a business traveler, you want the company jet to be located at an accessible and convenient airport. When your meetings have run longer than expected, you want to know the corporate jet is conveniently close and waiting for you. Do you often travel to Washington, D.C.? Reach it in 1.5 hours at an average cruising speed when flying from Monmouth Executive Airport. 

We handle large private jets, helicopters, and piston aircraft at Monmouth Jet Center. Our pre-built hangar space includes common use, and all our T-hangars have attached office space. The Monmouth Jet Center FBO has all the professional amenities one would expect from a high-quality service provider. 

On-Site Security   

There is no margin for error in aviation, and the same standards are required for security services when renting hangar space at an airport. Although the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not require owners to keep their jet in a hangar, insurance companies covering the multi-million dollar asset will be less risk-averse when they know it is safe from the elements and other risks. 

Monmouth Jet Center offers 24-hour on-site security, and strictly adheres to all FAA Safety Management System (SMS) and Safety Risk Management (SRM) standards. We take private jet security very seriously as our charter service clients know. When you rent an airplane hangar from us, you receive only the best security services.   

It Is a More Affordable Jet Storage Option  

Renting is a more affordable jet storage option than purchasing. Hangar ownership requires you to maintain the building and surrounding land, pay for liability insurance coverage, and arrange its sale when you don’t need the hangar anymore. When you rent a hangar, all the responsibility lies with the service provider. Is your brand important to you? Monmouth Jet Center offers attractive leasing options for custom hangar buildings.    

What else do we offer when you use a Monmouth Jet Center hangar? We have one of the longest private runways in the country, and since we are one mile outside of “Mode C”, landing and take-off delays are all but non-existent.

On-Site Jet Maintenance Is Available   

Maintaining a company jet’s airworthiness is standard operating procedure, as is compliance with air safety standards. The availability of on-site maintenance services at the airport where you are renting hangar space is essential. It ensures the airplane receives the required FAA maintenance inspections, whether annual, 100-hour, or progressive. The service provider will also perform jet maintenance highlighted by the manufacturer. 

When you rent airplane hangar space at Monmouth Executive Airport, our on-site aircraft mechanics can inspect, repair, and maintain your private jet. We also offer competitively priced Avgas and Jet A fuel provided on-field under a unique covered fueling canopy. Other FBO services include GPU, de-icing, cleaning and detailing, catering, and client concierge services. 

Monmouth Jet Center is committed to meeting your airport needs in the Northeast by providing you with the best available location for your hangar and related services. Contact Monmouth Jet Center when you or your staff want to discuss renting a hangar. We look forward to hearing from you.