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Born to fly? Join the Monmouth Airport Young Aviator Club!

25 September 2017   Learn to Fly

Some children want to become police officers and fire fighters when they grow up, others want to become veterinarians or astronauts, but the most adventurous and ambitious kids want to become pilots!

If your child has a love of flying and all things airplane, you can give them one of the greatest opportunities in the world- a membership to the Monmouth Executive Airport’s Young Aviators Club. And this isn’t the kind of membership where you get a tour and a baseball cap and then sent home – with us, your child will get to experience the joy of flying first-hand.

As a member, all children who meet the eligibility criteria will get the chance to fly an aircraft through our fully-licensed New Jersey flight school, Eagles View Aviation. Managed by experienced, qualified flight instructors and using expertly maintained aircraft, your child will learn some of the skills, basics and thrills of being a pilot.

To participate, your child must:

  • Be a Wall Township resident
  • Be between 8 and 17 years old

As a member, they will receive:

  • An inspiring and exciting hands-on introductory flight lesson in one of the flight school’s fully-serviced Cessna airplanes
  • A First Flight Certificate upon completion of the flight lesson as a permanent memory of their accomplishment
  • Accommodation for up to 6 students per week
  • An additional single flight for every 3 years of membership

We are also in the process of adding scholarship opportunities for children aged 16 and above who want to obtain their pilot’s license.

Join the Young Aviators Club at our NJ flight school today

To find out more about our Young Aviators Club or to sign your child up for a truly unique experience and inspire them to find rewarding careers in the aviation industry, please contact us or visit our website today.