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What does it take to become a corporate jet pilot?

18 June 2015   Aircraft Maintenance Pilots

The world of corporate jet aviation is an exciting challenge for pilots around the world, offering you the chance to fly to exciting destinations in some of the most technologically advanced and innovative aircraft around. Here are just some of the requirements necessary to make this challenging and adventurous career change.

Requirements for corporate jet pilots

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) requires you to have private pilot, commercial pilot or ATP certification as well as a rating for the specific aircraft you will fly in order to qualify as a private jet pilot. This is because of the wide range of aircraft in this category as well as the speed and complexity of jet systems.

In addition, you will have to achieve a multi-engine class rating and an instrument rating, as almost all jets have more than one engine and fly above 18,000 feet. To fly a jet above 25,000 feet, a high-altitude endorsement is required and operators may also request high-performance and complex aircraft endorsements as well.

Lifestyle requirements for private jet pilots

Whilst anyone with the correct qualifications can become a private jet pilot, it is a career which places huge demands on your lifestyle. Unlike a ‘nine to five’ job, you’ll be required to be highly flexible with your working hours in order to deliver the exceptional quality and bespoke services the industry is known for. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time away from home, family and friends, as well as be able to take on the considerable responsibility which is the safety and welfare of your passengers and crew. Many operators also look to their pilots as ambassadors to their brand and the industry itself, putting you and your crew front and center in the private jet experience.

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