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Vietnam-era Huey helicopter restored by vets at Monmouth Executive Airport in Wall

12 May 2014   General

WALL TOWNSHIP – One year ago today, a group of Vietnam veterans got together and started renovations on a Huey helicopter inside a hangar at Monmouth Executive Airport in Wall.

The Huey had served two tours in Vietnam and crashed twice. For 20 years, it sat in a field at Fort Dix.

It has been sanded, painted, and rewired.Monmouth

This spring, the chopper will be moved to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Holmdel, where it will stay on display outside.

“When we bring the school children into the Vietnam Memorial for a tour, they’ll be able to see what we actually flew in and get an idea of our history, what we did 40 years ago and how the war was fought,” says organizer and Vietnam vet Ken Gurbisz.

The veterans say the chopper’s interior was a mess and had animals living in it. They had to remove several bird nests and get rid of more than 100 hornet nests.

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future