What Happens Behind the Scenes After You Book a Private Flight?

11 February 2020   Charter Flights
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For clients booking private flights, everything possible is done to ensure the process is smooth and simple. But, a lot more happens behind the scenes in order to deliver the exceptional experience that you deserve! Here’s some insight from Monmouth Executive Airport, the premier facility and location for private flight charter companies in the Tristate area.

Your Booking Moves from the Sales Team to the Management Team: 

Once your flight is booked, the management team takes over to make sure that every detail is taken care of. This includes managing meal and dietary preferences, special requirements for clients, kids and pets who are traveling with the client, and much more. This is what makes flying by private jet so special – everything is tailored to you.

Safety and Operational Checks Are Completed: 

Safety is the number one priority for Monmouth Airport and the charter operators who utilize our facilities. The airport runs detailed safety and operational procedures to ensure the runways, hangars, fueling equipment, maintenance processes, and more are held to world-class standards. Similarly, charter operators apply strict safety and operational standards to ensure that their pilots, crew, and aircraft are ready for your journey.

Catering and Inflight Requirements: 

Catering and any other onboard requirements will be set up in the private jet that you have chartered, ensuring that everything is ready and waiting for you the moment you step onboard – no delays, no hassle, and no mistakes. This can include almost anything you could want, from your favorite coffee or champagne to setting the space up for a romantic proposal or a board meeting. All you have to do is let your management team know just what you want. 

Ground Transfers: 

In addition, your management team can handle all your ground transfers, extending the exclusive private jet experience right to your doorstep. At Monmouth Executive Airport, we offer charter partners access to limousine and town car services as well as helicopter transfers. This makes private travel the premier stress-free way to travel.

From FBO to Hangar Space in NJ – Why Charter Companies Choose Monmouth Executive Airport 

Monmouth Executive Airport offers the perfect start to any journey, whether it’s to the next state or across the ocean to exotic destinations. With the largest private runway in the country, we can handle even the largest private jets with ease, as well as helicopters, smaller jets, and piston aircraft. 

In addition, we offer hangar space for rent as well as the opportunity to build your own custom hangar space. Our FBO services are extensive, and we include on-site aircraft maintenance and repair services, de-icing services, 24-hour lavatory services, aviation fuel loyalty programs, and more.

For more information about aircraft hangars in NJ or to plan your trip today, please contact us or visit our website at paperwritings.com

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