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Why are private jets white?

23 December 2020   General
Monmouth Executive Airport talks private jets

At Monmouth Executive Airport we see our fair share of private jets on a daily basis, and while the interior of each jet is unique, you’ll notice the exteriors of most private jets are white. Have you ever wondered why? Our team did some research and uncovered several interesting reasons:

White paint shows up easily in the sky, whether it’s day or night.

If you’ve ever seen stealth military planes then you’ve probably noticed they are often painted deep, darker colors like black, green, and even camouflage. This is because they don’t want to be seen. But with private jets it’s quite the opposite – they want to be as visible as possible in the sky, and bright white paint ensures they are!

It reflects sunlight and keeps cabins cooler.

White paint reflects nearly all the rays of sun that touch it, while colored paints absorb them. Keeping the cabin of an aircraft cool is important, especially in hotter climates and especially when an aircraft is sitting on a runway for an extended period of time.

Company logos are most visible against white paint.

Not all private jets are emblazoned with logos. However, for those that are, the logo shows up brilliantly even at a distance against a white background.

White paint fades more slowly than other colors.

Just like paint on a car fades quickly when exposed to the elements, so does paint on a private jet. While all aircrafts need regular maintenance, you’ll get more wear out of white paint than other colors. 

It’s the most affordable option.

Due to popularity and ubiquitousness, white aircraft paint is usually the most cost-effective choice. 

White private jets have a higher resale value.

It’s much more affordable to touch-up a white paint job than it is to re-paint an entire private jet, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

 Are you ready to take flying lessons?

If you’ve always been curious about private jets and are interested in learning how to fly, come to Monmouth Airport. We have a world class flight school where you can pursue your dream. Most people incorrectly believe they need to own an aircraft in order to take flying lessons, but this isn’t true. We have a selection of top-of-the-range planes that are available to rent, and many people get their pilot’s license without ever owning a personal aircraft. 


For more information about our flight school at Monmouth Executive Airport, or if you have any questions about flying lessons, please contact us today. Discover why so many people in New Jersey call us when they’re ready to learn to fly. 

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