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Why Do Private Jets Avoid Flying Over the Ocean?

9 July 2020   Hangar Space
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If you’re looking for hangar space in NJ, at Monmouth Executive Airport we cater to the needs of many different types of aircraft, and we have affordable availability as well as a low-traffic space. In addition, our hangar space is available now, so you won’t have to join a long waiting list while scrambling to find a place to temporarily store your aircraft until a spot opens up.

You may have noticed that private jets sometimes avoid flying over the ocean, choosing instead to follow routes along the coastline. This is partly due to a law put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration, which states that aircraft cannot fly more than 50 nautical miles away from land unless they’re outfitted with certain pieces of equipment, including a life raft and life jackets. For commercial aircraft this equipment is standard, but for private jets it can cause issues with capacity and also with the aesthetics of the aircraft. 

Due to other factors like air traffic, private jets often fly along the coastline to make the journey as easy as possible. Many pilots who fly their own aircraft prefer to fly up and down the coast, enjoying emptier skies and routes that aren’t so busy. The last thing you want is to have your trip delayed due to air traffic, or be unable to complete your journey because the skies are too busy.

At Monmouth Executive Airport we have custom hangar space in NJ and are able to accommodate a variety of private aircraft. Our aircraft hangars are ready now – there’s no long waiting list – and we’re conveniently located next to several major cities, as well as near the coastline. 

Whether you regularly make quick, two-day trips or you enjoy taking longer flights to more faraway destinations, we’re confident that we have everything you need to store and maintain your aircraft at Monmouth Airport. We’re also proud to offer extremely competitive pricing on fuel, making us the premier aircraft storage center in the greater New Jersey area. 

Affordable hangar space at Monmouth Airport 

At Monmouth Executive Airport we also have on-site aircraft mechanics who can conduct repair, inspection, and maintenance services for most types of piston aircraft. It’s easy to see why we’re the number one choice for so many aviation enthusiasts in the New Jersey area, and we’re also proud that we have the longest private runway in the country. 

We are committed to providing the best aircraft hangers in NJ, and we have common-use hangars, t-hangars, and larger aircraft hangars available to you now. Discover why Monmouth Executive Airport is the best choice for hangar space in NJ. We’re standing by and ready to answer your questions, so please contact us today. 

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