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Winter Guidelines for Corporate Jet Charter Services

12 January 2015   Charter Flights
Monmouth Airport Winter Jet Charter
Jet a little frosty? No problem at MJC!

Bringing its full complement of snow, storms and ice winter poses some challenges for air travel that are important to consider for safety reasons as well as practical concerns. If spending 2 days in an airport shut down by a winter storm, camped out on an uncomfortable armchair watching the list of cancelled flights scroll by on the TV is not your idea of fun, then taking a charter flight might be the just the ticket for you.

Charter Jets can still fly in the winter. In fact they can often provide the kind of flexibility during inclement weather that the major carriers cannot. This is primarily due to the fact there are many more airport options for small jet charter flights across the country. Thus private jets are often available to fly when commercial airliners can not. Charter pilots can be far more flexible with their flight plan and safety will be a top priority. The key to realize is that you can be assured that charter flights will only be grounded when all other options are exhausted.

Smaller airports can often cope better with extreme weather – Business jets and charter airplanes are much smaller than commercial airliners, so they can take off and land on shorter runways. These runways can be cleared much more quickly when a break in the weather occurs and, due to the reduced traffic at these airports, delays are much shorter.  And if you’re worried about safety, Monmouth Airport has the longest private runway in the country.  Landing here in the winter provides you an added measure of safety that no other private East Coast airport can duplicate.

De-icing Services At Monmouth Airport
De-icing services available 24/7 at Monmouth Executive Airport

De-icing may affect your flight – but not your budget – All ice has to be removed from an aircraft before it can safely take off. At monmouth we provide a de-icing service by truck for all our charter aircraft. Fortunately for the consumer however, charter companies are liable for this cost – not passengers – so you won’t experience a cost increase for your flight.

Stranded? A private jet can help – Extreme winter weather can ground commercial aircraft for days if not weeks, but private jets can start using runways and running safely far more quickly should the weather allow. If you get stranded at an airport and need to get the first flight out possible, a private jet flying out of a local airport will be able to assist you well before the major airports are reopened.

At Monmouth Executive Airport, we provide exceptional facilities for charter companies and their clients, from readily available De-icing services to affordable fuel and hangar space in New Jersey to executive parking, concierge, restaurant and travel services.

For more information on our airport and the Monmouth Jet Center FBO, please visit our website at today.

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