Where is the Best Place to Learn to Fly in NJ in 2019?

7 January 2019   Learn to Fly

If your New Year’s Resolution is to learn to fly, the next step is to find a quality flight school – so, where is the best flight school in NJ? Fortunately, Monmouth Executive Airport offers one of the best flight schools in the area!

Here are some reasons to choose us to help you on your path to becoming a pilot.

  • We have our own FAA certified A&P/IA on premises.
  • We offer lessons on 10 different aircraft.
  • Founded over 20 years ago, we’ve logged 68,000 flight instruction hours.
  • Our location outside of the crowded New York area airspace designations means that you get to experience clear, uncrowded skies as you learn to fly.
  • We have two runways including a 7300 foot main runway, larger than the commercial jet runways at LaGuardia Airport.
  • We have rental facilities at their airport for convenient flying once you have your pilot’s license.
  • We also have affordable hangar space for your aircraft available now for rental or purchase, including custom-designed hangar space. Onsite aircraft maintenance is also available.
  • If you are under 16 years of age, we offer introductory flight training through our Young Aviator’s Club. Kids as young as 8 years old can safely experience the joy of flight!

Learning to fly is one of the greatest achievements you can reach in your life, whether it’s to start a career as a pilot or simply to join a fantastic community of aviators. It builds self-confidence, allows you to see the world in a unique and exciting way, and offers endless possibilities for adventure and unique career paths. Whatever your reason for learning to fly, Monmouth Airport is here to help you reach your goals.

Learn to Fly at One of the Best Flight Schools in NJ!

If you have set your sights on becoming a pilot, Monmouth Airport’s flight school in NJ is the place to be. Start training in the new year and you’ll soon be on your way to a sky-high career!

For more information about flying lessons and how to learn to fly, please visit our website at https://monmouthjetcenter.com/ or contact us today.

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future