Don’t Let Poor Weather Delay your Festive Season Getaway!

3 December 2018   Monmouth Jet Center

The festive season is here, and that means holidays, time with family and friends, and travel! Unfortunately, it can also mean bad weather interfering with your travel plans – especially if you’re flying – leading to frustration, delays and plenty of stress. However, there is an answer – private flights from Monmouth Executive Airport!

Why are Private Flights Better than Commercial Flights in Winter?

Private jets and charter flights can fly when commercial flights can’t. Severe weather at an airport or along a flight path can easily ground a commercial flight or result in it being cancelled entirely, but private flights are usually still available. This is because private aircraft have far more flexible flight paths, allowing them to fly around, above or below bad weather. These aircraft also have access to a much wider range of airports, allowing you to plot your journey around poor weather while still taking off and landing at convenient points.

What Airports are Most Commonly Affected by Bad Weather in the USA?

The USA has some extreme weather, from high-speed winds and fog to snow and ice, but some airports are far more affected than others, resulting in more frequent delays and cancellations.

According to the FAA, the airports in the USA most affected by weather-related delays include some of the biggest international airports in the country. Houston Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, and Boston Logan International Airport all made the top ten list, with San Francisco International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport taking the top positions. So, if you find yourself planning a flight out of these airports and are worried about weather over the festive season, it’s a good idea to choose a private airport. You’ll likely land closer to your destination and you’re guaranteed get there in the best time, in the most comfort and – of course – in style!

Looking for the Best Private Flight Experience and Quality Hangar Space in NJ? Monmouth Airport is Your Top Choice

Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey is a private airport catering to charter companies, private flyers, and their guests through world-class FBO services. With hangar space in NJ, the longest private runway in the USA, and expert aircraft maintenance services – all just a quick hour’s drive by car (or 20 minutes by helicopter) to the center of Manhattan, we’re a real alternative to congested New York City, Philadelphia and Jersey Shore gateway airports.

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