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What Is Private Jet FBO?

4 November 2019   Around the Airport

When flying by private jet from Monmouth Executive Airport or other private terminals and airports around the world, you’ll often come across the acronym “FBO”. Here’s what this means and why it matters when you’re flying for business or leisure on a private jet.

FBO stands for the phrase “Fixed Base Operator”, and this term includes all the facilities open to private charter travelers, as you won’t be using the airport facilities for commercial airline travelers. The FBO can range in quality, size, and amenities according to different airports, with the best private airports and terminals offering luxurious and stylish lounges complete with a wide range of amenities including airport transfer specialists, Wi-Fi, dining options, and more.

While the quality of an FBO is important to most airports, including Monmouth Airport, the reality is that most passengers spend very little time in these spaces. This is because, unlike flying commercial, private jet clients can arrive a few minutes before they are scheduled to depart and don’t need to arrive early for processing through TSA security and baggage checks. In many cases, private jet clients can be transported directly to the jet, where it sits ready and waiting with the crew to leave as soon as you are onboard.

However, a well-equipped and comfortable FBO is still essential to a high-quality private airport. If a client arrives early for any reason, they should have a private and functional space where they can comfortably relax until their flight. If passengers are traveling with pets or small children, the FBO is a good place to stop and meet the crew, so that they can help you transport your kids and pets onto the jet and assist with luggage. If the weather is poor, the FBO provides safe, luxurious shelter from the rain, snow or wind, allowing the crew to transport clients to their private aircraft with minimal discomfort.

World-Class FBO Services and Custom Hangar Space in NJ at Monmouth Airport

Monmouth Airport is currently expanding to meet the demand by pilots and charter companies for affordable, high-quality hangar space in NJ. In addition to communal hangar space, we also offer T-hangars, options for custom hangar space, and flight office space. 

Our FBO services and aircraft maintenance services have been upgraded to match this world-class offering, including the supply of fuel at competitive or cheaper rates than competitors in the region.

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The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future