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Four traits of top private jet pilots

14 December 2015   Pilots

The life of a private pilot is an exciting and demanding one – and, although each person is unique, the best pilots often have specific character traits which help them succeed in this challenging career path. This is often referred to as “The Pilot Personality.”

  1. Confident – but calm: Pilots are well known for keeping their emotions out of the cockpit, ensuring they are able to stay calm and in control as they fly. It’s not just about hearing that reassuring tone over the intercom, it’s also about being able to properly evaluate a situation and deal with it effectively, keeping passengers and crew safe.
  2. Detail-orientated: Pilots are trained to take in hundreds of small details, evaluate them and implement a solution all within an environment that is constantly changing. Their job is to consider every possible negative outcome and worst-case scenario, and then ensure none of them happen.
  3. Optimistic: All the top pilots share a passion for flight and with this comes a real sense of optimism. While their aim is to deliver you safely and on time to your destination, they also want to share their joy of flying. There aren’t many people as enthusiastic as pilots when it comes to sharing their profession – from showing you around their aircraft and answering questions to ensuring you have an enjoyable flight.
  4. Physical and mental fitness: For a job that requires a lot of sitting, being a great pilot involves constant monitoring of your physical and mental health. Fitness in both areas helps pilots to function at the height of their abilities, enhancing decision-making, positive energy and flight safety.

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