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The USA – Business aviation capital of the world

11 April 2016   Hangar Space

With reports showing that around 60% of all private jet traffic departing and arriving is in the USA, it’s no surprise that we are positioned as the top business aviation location on the globe. With exciting growth in the private flight and manufacturing industry, our team at Monmouth Executive Airport is confident that we’ll stay at the top. Here’s why:
• We’re where the industry started: With the maiden flight of the Lear Jet 23 in1963, the USA launched the era of private business aviation. Not only did this launch the iconic aircraft brand, it kept the USA at the top of this industry for over 50 years.

• We’re heading the private jet manufacturing industry: Although there are big private jet manufacturing companies in Canada, Brazil and France, the USA is still home to some of the biggest names on the market. These include Cessna, Gulfstream Aerospace, Airbus, Beechcraft, Boeing and Lear (recently acquired by Bombardier).
• We’re the top destination for business aviation: Los Angeles’ Van Nuys and New York’s Teterboro Airports are the busiest in the world for private business travellers, whether they are traveling across the country or across the world. In 2012 alone, Van Nuys managed over 259,000 private takeoffs and landings – a number that has only increased since then.
• We account for the most private jet purchases: In the USA, we aren’t just making the most private aircraft, we’re buying them too. With over half the world’s private jet buyers right here, the GAMA places the USA as accounting for 49.7% market share of new aircraft in 2012 alone – out-purchasing second place by almost 20%. In total, the 2014 General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) publication states that 199,000 private business jets are currently based in the USA logging approximately 15 million flight hours to over 5,000 airports.
• We’re dedicated to FBO: In the USA, Fixed Base Operators (that is, private jet terminals) are a booming business. With access to over 5,000 airports, charter companies and private jets are able to operate with maximum flexibility and convenience – moving around poor weather conditions and delivering their clients through a more direct and traffic-free route. These FBOs vary from airport to airport, offering everything from basic services to luxury, VIP experiences and facilities.
• We’re a strong part of the economy: Using private jets for business isn’t just in your company’s best interests – it’s in the economy’s too. From charter companies and FBOs to crew, aircraft manufacturers and mechanics, the private business aviation sector contributes significantly towards the 219 billion dollar contribution of general aviation to the economy and 1.1 million jobs the industry supports.

Superior FBO services and facilities at Monmouth Jet Center

If you are considering flying out of New Jersey, Monmouth Executive Airport – just 20 minutes to Manhattan by helicopter – offers everything business and private travellers require. For charter companies, we offer high quality, competitively priced rates, aircraft mechanic and maintenance services, fuel and both custom and ready built airplane hangars in New Jersey. We are also home to the longest private runway in the country at 7,300 feet.
Through our world-class amenities and services, we offer private clients an exceptional flying experience. For more information, please visit our website at today.

The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future