5 reasons to consider Monmouth Jet Center as the home for your aircraft

25 April 2016   Hangar Space

If you’re an aircraft owner or charter flight operator, you know how important it is that the airport you’re based from is able to meet all your needs. Here’s why Monmouth Executive Airport is the ideal home for your airplane.

1. We have the longest private runway in the country: At 7,300 feet, our runway isn’t just the longest runway in the region – it’s the longest in the entire USA. Not only does this make accommodating larger jets and aircraft easier, it also makes it safer and more comfortable when you’re taking off and landing in poor weather conditions.

2. We have hangar space available right now: Hangar space is at a premium all over the region, especially at overcrowded airports like Teterboro and Morristown. Our expansion plan is taking the squeeze out of this issue by providing you with the ability to buy or rent communal or private hangar space right now. We also offer affordable plans to allow you the chance to build custom hangars for your aircraft, with or without office space.

3. Our fuel won’t burn up your budget: We offer both Jet-A and AVGas onsite at competitive rates in order to ensure that refueling is convenient and budget-friendly. In addition, we offer fuel loyalty schemes that make refueling with us an even more rewarding experience.

4. We’re closer than you think: At just an hour and 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan by car or 20 minutes by helicopter, we are a real alternative to other private airports in the area. Outside of crowded Class B airspace, we offer you clear, low-traffic skies, quick landings and take offs, and stress-free flying.

5. We have the FBO services you need: Our recent upgrade includes world-class FBO services that are essential to aircraft safety as well as airport efficiency. These 24-hour, round-the-clock services include fuel availability, LED based airport lighting and rotating beacon, lavatory servicing, de-icing and access to Ground Power Units.

Choose us for custom built airplane hangars and leading FBO services

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The New Monmouth Jet Center is ready now, and building for the future