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How To Prepare an Aircraft for Long Term Storage

12 July 2022   Around the Airport

As most pilots would agree they want to fly as often as possible, however life sometimes has other plans. If you find yourself needing long term storage for your aircraft, there are a few things you should consider. If you don’t already keep your aircraft in a hangar when you’re not using it, you should … Continue reading How To Prepare an Aircraft for Long Term Storage

What is a reliever airport and why do we have them?

8 February 2022   Around the Airport

Reliever airports their role and purpose explained

Reliever airports are smaller airports that are designated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to relieve traffic and congestion at larger, commercial airports in major cities across the country. Reliever airports also offer a range of general aviation services to both commercial and private aircraft.  We’ve all experienced air traffic delays at congested commercial airports, … Continue reading What is a reliever airport and why do we have them?

Customized aircraft hangars explained

What is a custom aircraft hangar

If you’re an aircraft enthusiast, then you know how many different types of planes, jets and other aircrafts exist. So it makes sense that there is not a one-size-fits-all type of aircraft hangar, which is just one reason why custom hangars are ideal. In this article, our team at Monmouth Executive Airport will review some … Continue reading Customized aircraft hangars explained

Five steps to choose the right executive airport

10 August 2020   Around the Airport

flying private

Are you searching for the best executive airport? Choosing the right one will make your travels smoother, more convenient, and can help extend the life of your aircraft. Before making your choice, here are five steps that will help you select the best one for you: Ensure it’s well connected. The last thing you want … Continue reading Five steps to choose the right executive airport

What Is Private Jet FBO?

4 November 2019   Around the Airport

When flying by private jet from Monmouth Executive Airport or other private terminals and airports around the world, you’ll often come across the acronym “FBO”. Here’s what this means and why it matters when you’re flying for business or leisure on a private jet. FBO stands for the phrase “Fixed Base Operator”, and this term … Continue reading What Is Private Jet FBO?

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