Customized aircraft hangars explained

What is a custom aircraft hangar

If you’re an aircraft enthusiast, then you know how many different types of planes, jets and other aircrafts exist. So it makes sense that there is not a one-size-fits-all type of aircraft hangar, which is just one reason why custom hangars are ideal. In this article, our team at Monmouth Executive Airport will review some of the most important facts about custom hangar space, and discuss why proper hangar design is crucial. 

There are many different types of aircraft hangers, including executive hangars, T-hangars, fixed base operators, and clear-span airline hangars. Custom hangars are designed to meet the exact specifications of your aircraft, and both the interior and the exterior can be customized to fit your aesthetic, making them both functional and personal. 

Exterior customization of aircraft hangars 

To start, you’ll need to choose which material you want to use to build your custom hangar. Most hangars are built using metal, wood, or concrete, although you’ll find the majority of aircraft hangars are built using steel because it is very durable and provides protection from extreme weather conditions and excess moisture. 

You’ll also need to choose the color of your hangar, as well as any accessories like door canopies to shield your aircraft from the sun and any adverse weather. You may also want to invest in eave extensions that will swiftly carry any moisture away from your hangar, preventing structural damage. 

Interior customization of aircraft hangars 

The interior design will largely depend on the type of aircraft that will be stored in the hangar. You need enough space to maneuver the aircraft in all possible directions. In terms of functionality, maintenance and repair, people must be able to access all parts of the aircraft. All aircraft hangar walls are insulated to provide adequate protection against the elements, and you may want to opt for liner panels that add extra protection to the insulation. 

Hangar space at Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ

If you’ve tried to find hangar space at large commercial airports, then you’ve likely been met with long waiting lists and continuous unavailability. One benefit of using smaller executive airports like Monmouth Airport in NJ is that we have many different hangars available now, and we’d be happy to accommodate your aircraft.

For more information about custom hangar space in NJ, or if you have any questions about hangar design, please contact our team at Monmouth Executive Airport today. Our team is standing by and ready to discuss custom aircraft hangars with you.

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